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Best AI Writing Tools: Top Copywriting Assistant Software

Authored by: Mohammed Wasim Akram
Last Updated on: July 28, 2022

Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

A lot of content writing tools are available to help you generate great content for your blog, social media, sales copy, and more but one of the most well-known and loved tools is Jasper as It's easy to use, and helps many people to generate the most accurate content in no time at all.

Through consultations with the best SEO and direct response marketing experts in the world, Jasper learned how to write perfect blog articles, social media posts, and website copy for you. It is also integrated with which helps Jasper to optimize your blog posts for the best search engine ranking possible.

You can use all the 50+ Jasper's copywriting features, such as the blog intro and storyteller, to create the content that suits your need in just within few minutes.

It also gives you the option to generate content in more than 26 languages, which is a good thing for you if you are targeting the people in your country.


This is a surprisingly easy to use tool and suits perfectly for both newbies and intermediate users, it is affordable compare to Jasper and can become a good competitor of it in future.

It is liked by the content creator and copywriter community as it is continuously evolving and helping them to get their desired output, it can save your time when it comes to idea generation, outline creation, and long-form content writing and more.

With the help of this tool, you are no longer bound by the rules of conventional writing techniques as You will discover how to overcome your self-limiting beliefs and embrace the limitless potential of AI copywriting.

The best thing about this AI tool is it’s custom frameworks. With it you can generate the output the way you want in your own way of writing and in your own tone and you also get the ability to use workflows made by other people to complete your writing quickly.

This post is also made by Closerscopy and it is a living proof of how powerful this tool I highly recommend you this tool as currently its lifetime deal is going on their official website so you better not lose this awesome tool.


Outranking is a tool that lets you easily make content creation that boosts your rankings in search engines and allows you to do SEO analysis so that you will no longer need two different tools to make high-quality content that ranks on the first page of Google.

Using this platform will be easy for beginners, and advanced users will enjoy the power behind this tool. It provides its users with an easy way to create content by providing a list of pre-defined concepts to help you create content based on the best-ranked pages in the SERPs.

Its objective is to provide you with your desired result of yours and move you further up in copywriting by adding a more well-structured outline.

You can say it is one of the best copywriting tools and can become your favorite if you want to take care of both SEO and content creation all in one place.

Copy AI is a tool that enables email marketers, startups, and social media managers to produce more content with less effort, in a small amount of time and you can use it to automate your content creation process to focus your efforts where they will produce the most value for your business.

It provides powerful, intuitive features like improving, rewriting, expanding your content that make it easy to clean up your writing even when you're in the middle of composing an article, report, letter, essay or a review.

It also gives you access to over 90+ tools and templates to streamline your content creation process and make your life easier, so that you can create more effective landing pages and generate more leads with better product descriptions.

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