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Last Updated on: October 17, 2022


Hey Toolonomers! Myself Wasim and I am the founder of Toolonomy which was born out of our main brand SyncWin for a reason and in this about page I am going to give you a brief introduction about Toolonomy and how we founded it.

Initially, we founded SyncWin with a vision to help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners learn to start, manage and grow their businesses with our valuable content on our blog and across the social media channels.

But then somehow we started producing content around Business Development Tools like all sort of Software, SaaS, WordPress, Digital Products, and Services under the SyncWin brand which was not in our main plan when we started SyncWin and we didn't want to lose our focus as it was dedicated to producing content around Business and Entrepreneurship as we said earlier as well.

Therefore, we decided to create a separate brand which would be a sub-brand of SyncWin and in this way Toolonomy came into existence.

As soon as we reserved the Toolonomy domain and social media handles we started migrating all the Business Development Tools-related content from SyncWin to Toolonomy website to keep them separate in all aspects which took a few months as it was not an easy job, and we learned a lot of things during this period of brand separation.

Currently, Toolonomy has become a dedicated place to explore the Discussion, Content, Deals & Hidden Details about the Business Development Tools that has the potential to help you succeed in your journey to Entrepreneurship by letting you build, manage, and grow your business with ease.

Now each month we get thousands of website visits as we produce valuable text-based content around dozens of useful business development tools on our Toolonomy blog.

So if you're also interested in the topic of Business Development Tools, then you must head over to our blog as we are going to drop value bombs in the Toolonomy Blog in order to help you grow your business by suggesting the best Digital Products, and Services.

Thank you for visiting our website!

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