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Best Zion Builder Addons: Handpicked Free & Paid Plugins

Authored by: Mohammed Wasim Akram
Last Updated on: March 21, 2022

If you're looking for a single place to find all the Zion Builder Addons then consider bookmarking this post as here you will find all the available add-ons that can help you and make your life much easier by offering some unique additional features to extend the functionalities that you might not find in the official Zion Builder plugin.

FYI, there is good news for the 3rd party developers who want to create add-ons for the Zion Builder:

For Zion Builder, new elements can be easily created using the "npx @zionbuilder/create-zion-extension my-plugin". This will create a fully working WordPress plugin that will add 2 elements (.one showcasing all dev features and one for building your own element)

Balasa Sorin Stefan - Zion Builder Developer | Source

DPlugins Sandbox

Best Zion Builder Addons: Handpicked Free & Paid Plugins | Toolonomy

DPlugins Sandbox is an isolated environment addon for the Zion Builder and other WordPress Visual Builder plugins.
Sandbox is a WordPress installation that is isolated from the live site. This means that with the help of this sandbox, you can use it to test changes made on the Zion Builder-built site.

There are a few advantages to using this sandbox.

Firstly, it prevents any unforeseen problems from happening on your live site.

Secondly, you can use it to test the Zion Builder plugin setting and global style as well as posts (all Zion Builder Builder-related MetaPost) before pushing it on your live site.

Thirdly, while testing new features in a plugin or theme, you can use a secret link so that only those who know about this will be able to see what you are testing and not everyone browsing around on your website.

DPlugins Sandbox Resources


ZionExtras - Product Featured Image - SyncWin

ZionExtras is a growing collection of useful components for the most powerful drag & drop WordPress builder "Zion Builder". It has been established to provide a source of value-added resources that help you to create more professional-looking websites with Zion Builder.

The ZionExtras addon adds a collection of useful tools to Zion Builder, including Adjacent Posts, Slide Menu, Header Builder, Burger Trigger, Read More / Less, Toggle Switch, Content Switcher, Reading Progress Bar, Table of Content, Header-Search, Off Canvas, Lottie and more.

ZionExtras Resources


ZiUltimate - Featured Image - SyncWin

ZiUltimate is a new premium add-on for the Zion Builder that offers multiple flexible and lightweight custom elements that are natively not available with the Zion Builder itself. This addon is also bloat-free, meaning that it doesn't come with any unnecessary features or functionalities.

All of the elements in ZiUltimate are designed to be fully customizable by users to match any web design and development needs while building websites with Zion Builder. These elements can also be used together or separately with the native Zion Builder elements, which adds flexibility for users.

ZiUltimate Resources


In this post, I have added all the Zion Builder addons that I could find on the internet and I will keep updating this post with the new and upcoming add-ons dedicated to Zion Builders.

I believe you found this post helpful and if that is true then consider sharing it with your friends and community who also use Zion Builder as it could be helpful for them.

Also if you want to ASK or SAY something regarding this topic of Zion Builder addons then consider using the comment box below to share your feedback and add some value for the other readers and the community.

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