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Best WordPress Website Builders: Side-by-Side Comparison

Authored by: Mohammed Wasim Akram
Last Updated on: March 21, 2022

If you're desperately on a hunt for the best website builders in the WordPress space, but not able to decide which one can fulfill all your needs due to the availability of multiple options in the market then you have landed in the right place as in this post I am going to help you to find the best Best WordPress Website Builders based on your requirements.

As you already know that multiple WordPress Website Builders exist in the market and they are constantly competing with each other to hold the number one position among the WordPress users community.

So that keeping in mind in this comparison post I will be comparing the most popular WordPress Website Builders side by side using dedicated table charts to show you how they are similar as well as different from one another at the same time.

If you are interested in this topic then stick with this post to explore the differences/similarities in terms of features as well as the benefits of various popular website builders of the WordPress ecosystem.

Currently, I have compared the WordPress Builders including:

Please Note: This article is dedicated to the paid versions of all the WordPress Website Builders so please don't expect us to talk about the free versions dedicatedly.

So without talking further, let's begin...


Elementor Website Image - SyncWin

Elementor is the Drag & Drop website builder that makes it easy to build beautiful websites, landing pages, and mobile responsive websites. It allows you to create layouts visually using a live front-end editor, no coding is needed.

It comes with all the features you need to create a beautiful website. Elementor Pro comes with detailed documentation. Also, you can choose from Elementor pre-made page layouts or customize them to create entirely new designs from the scratch.

Useful Resources for Elementor

In this section, you will find all the much-needed bookmarkable official and 3rd party resources for Elementor to make your workflow easier while building websites using it.

Why should you consider Elementor over the other WordPress Builders?

If you're thinking of why should you consider using Elementor over the other WordPress Website Builders then in this section I am going to give you all the good and valid reasons to use it.

  • A Free Version is Available: Elementor has a free version available with all the basic features to design web pages.
  • Good Non-Technical Users: It's easy to use even for non-technical WordPress users with minimal experience.
  • Built-in Form Builder: It has a dedicated form builder element to create basic contact forms.
  • SEO Plugins integrations: It has deep integrations with popular SEO plugins like Yoast & Rankmath.
  • Huge Ecosystem: Being the most popular builder it has a huge ecosystem of hundreds of 3rd party plugin integrations.
  • Large Userbase Community: It's easy to get community support as millions of people are using the elementor.
  • Hundreds of Learning Resources: Google & YouTube are flooded with the various content around Elementor.

Oxygen Builder

Oxygen-Builder Featured Image - SyncWin

Oxygen Builder is the most powerful WordPress builder to build almost any kind of WordPress website. It is a dedicated website builder for the developers who hates using page builders, even if you're not a developer then using Oxygen would help you learn HTML & CSS along the way.

The best part about Oxygen is that it produces clean codes and helps you make lightweight websites that perform faster for real-world users. Also if you love Webflow then using Oxygen Builder will give you a similar experience of Webflow even inside WordPress.

Useful Resources for Oxygen Builder

In this section, you will find all the much-needed bookmarkable official and 3rd party resources for Oxygen Builder to make your workflow easier while building websites using it.

Why should you consider Oxygen Builder over the other WordPress Builders?

If you're thinking of why should you consider using Oxygen Builder over the other WordPress Website Builders then in this section I am going to give you all the good and valid reasons to use it.

  • Doesn't Require a WordPress Theme: Oxygen Builder completely disables the WordPress theme system so you are free to create complex theme layout yourself.
  • Unlimited Site Licences: It offers unlimited site licenses which you can install on your personal or even on client's sites.
  • Advanced CSS Selectors: It offers CSS selectors like ID & Class which you can organize and create your own CSS framework like in the custom hand-coded websites.
  • Custom Code Blocks: It supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & PHP and helps you to write codes inside the builder editor window which is unique.
  • External Plugin Output Styling: It offers a very unique feature called a selector detector to style anything that is generated using shortcodes of 3rd party plugins.
  • Conditions Engine: It has an advanced condition engine that you can use to create advanced dynamic websites by showing/hiding any particular element of the front page you want.
  • The CSS States & Pseudo-Classes: You can style any element based on its states such as hover, before, after, or even custom state using the CSS States & Pseudo-Classes.
  • Edit Locking Feature: It offers a great edit locking option that prevents other users to open the editor when it's being used by you or any other user to prevent any accidental data loss.
  • Advanced Role Manager: Using this feature you can manage which user role or even a particular user should/shouldn't have access to the editor window or even some particular element of the properties panel.
  • Helpful Official & Community Support: The support offered by the Oxygen team is really good and also the help and support offered by its passionate community is a huge plus point.

Zion Builder

Zion Builder Featured Image - SyncWin

Zion Builder is a new yet advanced website builder for WordPress. It's packed with powerful features that allow you to create complex websites without hand coding.

If you love Oxygen Builder for producing clean codes, Elementor for an easy-to-use User Interface then Zion Builder is bests for both worlds as you will get both clean codes and an easy-to-use user interface along with many other features of other powerful website builders at the same time.

Useful Resources for Zion Builder

In this section, you will find all the much-needed bookmarkable official and 3rd party resources for Zion Builder to make your workflow easier while building websites using it.

Why should you consider Zion Builder over the other WordPress Builders?

If you're thinking of why should you consider using Zion Builder over the other WordPress Website Builders then in this section I am going to give you all the good and valid reasons to use it.

  • A Free Version is Available: Zion Builder has a free version available in the WordPress repository which you can use to create basic page designs.
  • No Bloat, Clean Valid Markup: It helps you create fast and unbloated websites powered by Valid HTML Markups.
  • Multiple Views & Adjustable Structure Panel: The structure panel has multiple views like Tree, Section, and Wireframe view to have a broad look at the created page as per your needs, and also it's movable around the editor window.
  • Fast Backend & Fast Front End: The back end, as well as the front end, is very fast which helps you create websites faster and also get fast-performing websites.
  • Custom Code Blocks: It allows you to write any of these code languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & PHP right on the editor window.
  • Advanced Child Selectors: It offers you to style any child CSS selectors of the elements and even for custom CSS classes.
  • A combination of Popular Builders: While using it you will get the essence of multiple website builders like Oxygen, Elementor & Brizy

Bricks Builder

Bricks Builder Featured Image - SyncWin

Bricks Builder is a relatively new yet powerful and advanced drag-and-drop WordPress builder that helps you build any kind of website on WordPress and it also offers no lock-in effect, due to two-way Gutenberg-Bricks data conversion.

If you want to build a website, but do not want to write code or hire a developer. Also, if you need a WordPress solution that is easy to use, you can install and manage it yourself, and that will look classy and professional, and then Bricks Builder got you covered.

Useful Resources for Bricks Builder

In this section, you will find all the much-needed bookmarkable official and 3rd party resources for Bricks Builder to make your workflow easier while building websites using it.

Why should you consider Bricks Builder over the other WordPress Builders?

If you're thinking of why should you consider using Bricks Builder over the other WordPress Website Builders then in this section I am going to give you all the good and valid reasons to use it.

  • It's A Theme & Builder Combo: Bricks Builder is not just a builder but it's a combination of theme as well as a website builder in a single package.
  • Two-Way Gutenberg-Bricks data conversion: The most unique feature it offers is two-way data conversion which means you can create a page using Bricks Bulder and convert that into a Gutenberg page also you can edit your Gutenberg-generated page using Bricks.
  • Custom Code Block: You can simply write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & PHP code right inside the editor window without any issues.
  • Drag & Drop & Click to Add: It offers both Elemntor and Oxygen ways to add elements to the page which means you can Drag & Drop as well as Click to Add any element to the editor window.
  • Passionate User Community: Even being a very new builder in this crowded space it still managed to attract many loyal users and create a passionate community that loves this product.
  • Built-in Form Builder: It has a dedicated built-in form builder element to create any kind of basic contact forms without relying on 3rd party solutions.
  • Unique Searchable Controls: The properties panel has an advanced search form that can be used to find any element or settings of particular elements.
  • Pin Elements: You can pin any element to the top of the Properties panel that needs to be used regularly to save some time.
  • Create Custom Elements: It allows you to create your own custom elements following the dedicated tutorial offered by the Bricks Team.
  • Page Management: You can manage pages right from inside the editor window without even opening the WordPress dashboard, cool huh!
  • Stocks Image Integration: It has integration with the most popular stock image website Unsplash, which means you can find images on Unsplash right from the editor window.
  • No Lock-In Effect: If you ever want to stop using Bricks then you can safely remove the Bricks Builder without even breaking the website built with it.

WordPress Builders Elements Comparison Table Chart

If you're curious to know about the available elements and modules of all these page builders to build websites using them as building blocks and also how they are compared to each other in terms of the availability of particular elements then this dedicated table chart will help you feed your curiosity.

Please Note: This table chart is here only to showcase all the elements that these website builders offer so if you can't find any element on any particular builder in this table it doesn't mean that builder doesn't have that feature altogether.

Therefore it's safe to assume that even if a particular element is missing on a builder yet it may contain that feature in a different way which means you might be able to build the same thing with a different method using the builder that doesn't have a particular element which other builders may have to offer.

Example: Elementor has the largest number of elements available as compared to any other builders in this list but it doesn't mean the same features that the elements of Elementor offer are not available on other builders. Oxygen Builder has a lesser number of elements on its list but you can build almost anything using those limited numbers of elements.

WordPress Website Builders Comparison Table Chart

If you want to know about how the most popular website builders are similar to as well as different from one another in terms of the available features then this master table chart will help find all the feature details of listed website builders in a single place to make your life easier.


I have tried my best to explore the similarities AND/OR differences among various WordPress Website Builders in this comparison post, and I will keep updating this post whenever it's necessary.

However, if you ask me about my personal opinion, let me tell you that the Oxygen Builder is my first choice due to its powerful features and flexibility to build the most complex websites without any bloat.

After that, I would consider Zion Builder and Bricks Builder as my second choice because both of these builders are new but in active development and they have multiple similar advanced features and flexibilities like Oxygen Builder and the UI & UX of native editor window are very nice just like the Elementor and Brizy.

Regarding Elementor I would only use it if a client insists or already have websites built with it in the first place even though I had been using it for multiple years yet I don't like the slow performance and bloated code output of the sites built using it.

If you like this post and found it helpful for the WordPress users community, then I would like to ask you to share it with your friends and community to help them.

Also if you want to express your thoughts about something related to this post, then feel free to share your valuable thoughts in the comment section below.

Thank you for visiting!

A Google & HubSpot Certified Digital Marketing Specialist, Self-Taught WordPress Expert, Useful BizDev (Business Development) Tools & Deals Explorer, and the Founder of SyncWin & Toolonomy.

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1 year ago

A really impressive combination of properties! Thx.

1 year ago

Really good article. It helps to decide which builder to use.

Michael Sharp
Michael Sharp
1 year ago

Very balanced and in-depth comparisons Wasim.
If Oxygen had 2 way Gutenberg, taxonomy and CSS child selectors, it would have wiped the floor with them all. Thanks for that.

Reply to  Mohammed Wasim Akram
1 year ago

Yes, Oxygen is cool. But Bricks (2 way Gutenberg) should be the future (but there are a few bugs - but I think the development Team are working on it). I like the Look and Feel of Zion. It's faster and the panels are cleaner as oxygen. Another features of Zion are the css selectors (it is possible to access child elements directly inside an element), the views (tree view, wireframe and so on), also I think the usability is better.. and I don't like that Oxygen disables the theme. In my opinion (as a theme developer) a page builder should structure the single pages - not the whole theme - there are also some theme based plugins, that shouldn't work with oxygen (bb press for example).

1 year ago

Please add the LiveCanvas builder!

Jon Wallace
Jon Wallace
6 months ago

Excellent article with more detail on the real distinctions between these products than I have found anywhere else. As someone struggling to figure out which tool to invest my time in learning, I truly appreciate your thoroughness.

An idea for an update would be to add your thoughts on "Why you shouldn't consider" using some of these tools (ie, your thoughts on what types of tasks they are not well suited to, relative to the others). This might help readers to learn more about how these products separate themselves, since they all seem to look very similar visually.

I was using a framework theme (WeaverXtreme) as my starting point theme for all my sites and started looking for a more robust replacement. Since I was originally considering starter frameworks as well as site or theme building tools, I ended up looking at 80 different products! I have finally narrowed it down to my top 9 - but I think it will take a lot of time to make a final selection. I also read your review of Live Canvas, which looks very interesting. I am wondering if you have thoughts on some of the other top ones on my list, such as,,, or Would love to hear your thoughts on them, even if it is just why you are not interested in looking at them further.

Jon Wallace
Jon Wallace
Reply to  Mohammed Wasim Akram
6 months ago

Thanks for the reply.

I would not waste your time looking into WeaverXtreme. While I did like it for many years, it is just a theme framework that is past its prime and bloated trying to stay backward compatible. I want something that was created recently enough to have a more modern starting point/SW platform.

I have also removed Themehybrid from my list because it looks to me like active development has stopped and its user base has declined during the last two years.

My goals was to originally find a powerful Theme Builder first, Preferably one where I would always make a child theme to heavily customize but still have updates through the core parent theme to keep me up to date with the latest speed/feature enhancements that are managed by the tool's professional developers. But now that I am down the rabbit hole, I am getting a bit distracted by all the cool capabilities of these platforms.

My concern with Oxygen is one you could hopefully answer. It seems to me that if I ever want to stop using it, or switch to a different theme, that the entire site would break and that I am "locked in" to their platform. Most of the other platforms do not seem to have this problem at all. 1) Do you know if that is true, and 2) Do you think it is an important enough criteria to be concerned with, or not really?

I would love to hear your thoughts on HOW to differentiate among the others. Right now I am trying to learn more about Bricks, Zion, Kepler, and Live Canvas.
To my research, these are the 4 that have the best/most elegant underlying design, meaning they are using the very latest tools and are not hampered by 10 year old code issues and bloat.

They seem very interesting but it is hard to know how they differ as they are all being updated rapidly or are still in their 1.0 release phase. Even so, they seem elegant and powerful. There is much to be said from being able to start fresh. I am not a coder, but am enough of a CSS hacker that the Live Canvas interface that shows and allows edits directly to HTML or CSS is downright exciting.

I am trying to learn exactly what it is these 4 newer products can offer that the considerably larger and more mature and established companies like Brizy, Oxygen or Themify cannot.

However, I also need to be somewhat concerned about if they will stay in business, as they seem to be smaller operations with fewer developers. If I learn any more on these concerns as I keep on digging I will share it here with your readers.

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