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Best WordPress Table Builders: Top Free & Paid Plugins

As content creators when it comes to creating comparison posts inside WordPress, we need table builder plugins, so here I am presenting the best table builders loved and trusted by WordPress community.
Mohammed Ishan Akram
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Last Updated: February 4, 2023
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The best way to compare something, especially when creating a review post is to create a side-by-side table to do that you need a table builder plugin but you can't just go and randomly start using any plugin for your website. That's why here I have listed Best WordPress Table Builders that you can use to create awesome tables on your WordPress site.

So without taking any more time let's get started.


WP DataTables is a powerful and versatile plugin that will enable you to display your data in a nice and attractive way. It is responsive and supports all various mobile devices and looks perfect on any screen.

It enables you to easily add interactive tables and charts to your WordPress posts and pages for presenting information in an organized way, especially for people who want to find data quickly, you can even filter, sort, and export results.

Ninja Tables

Ninjatables is one of the best WordPress table plugins for creating beautiful, responsive, editable tables for your site. With it, you can unlock the unused potential in your business and enhance its efficiency. It has advanced functionalities and next-level configurations that can help you to build any table that suits your needs, even complex ones it is easier to create beautiful tables from scratch, with no coding is needed.


TablePress lets you create and manage beautiful tables with ease. You can use the shortcodes to embed tables within the posts, and pages, in your WordPress website. Not enough! then features like live sorting, pagination, searching, and more can be enabled for your site’s visitors.

You can use whatever kind of data you want to include in your tables, whether it’s just numbers, text, images, links, or even math formulas! and every single piece of information is editable You don't need any code to do this; it can be done in a spreadsheet-like interface.

Data Tables Generator

This data table generator makes it easier than ever to create SEO-friendly tables. It saves time and increases efficiency when creating reports and data tables. It allows you to design for table different purposes.

It can be modified based on your needs or for your purpose when it comes to editing, the intuitive settings and responsive editor give you everything you could want in an interface and make editing on your own terms a breeze.


Visualizer is one of the best table-building plugins for WordPress. It lets you build responsive, fully-customizable tables and charts for WordPress. It’s been trusted by over forty thousand WordPress users and with it, you can build stunning tables right inside your posts.

In its free version, it provides a number of charts that are optimized for use in your WordPress site, which includes line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and table charts but by upgrading it you will get access to 11 more charts.


In this article, I have listed for you all the best WordPress table builder plugin so that you can create any kind of table from basic to advance right inside your WordPress site, Now I left it aupon you to research about this tools and use the one which suits you the most.

I hope that this post was helpful for you, If yes then consider sharing it with your friends and colleagues whom you think might need to read this article. Also I would love to hear if you have any query about this post.

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