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Winden Review: Best Tailwind CSS Integration for WordPress

Winden is a Tailwind CSS integration for WordPress Builders. It provides you with the power of Tailwind CSS Framework right into your WordPress sites in the best and most efficient way which you can use to build websites with WordPress Builders that support CSS Class Management.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: September 14, 2022
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If you're a website designer or developer that builds websites using the power of WordPress and are looking for a way to integrate Tailwind based CSS with WordPress in order to streamline your website building process, then I have good news for you!

Let me introduce Winden (Formerly Oxywind) which offers the best way to use Tailwind CSS Framework inside WordPress using the power of CSS Class Management System offered by developer-friendly WordPress Website Builders like Oxygen, Bricks, and Zion Builder.

Introduction of Winden

Winden is a Tailwind CSS integration for WordPress Builders. It provides you with the power of Tailwind CSS Framework right into your WordPress sites in the best and most efficient way which you can use to build websites with WordPress Builders that support CSS Class Management.

It was initially launched as a dedicated Oxygen Builder Add-on with the name Oxywind, but later they realized that there are other great WordPress Builders available and the market is expanding, so they changed their minds and extended the capability to make it work with other builders as well as Gutenberg, therefore rebranded it as Winden to align with the new roadmap.

This product is crafted by one of the most talented developers of the Oxygen Community who always try to build out of the box and unique products, he is Joshua Gugun Siagian from DPlugins team, a company dedicated to solving problems of the WordPress professionals.

The DPlugins Team has hard-working and talented members including:

  • Marko Krstić - Owner of DPlugins
  • Muhammad Osama - Co-Founder of DPlugins
  • Joshua Gugun Siagian - Developer
  • Milen Grigorov - Supporter
  • Udoro 'Cracka' Essien - Tutor & Senior Product Designer

The company has multiple problem-solving products in its portfolio including:

Resources for Winden

Find out the most important resources related to Winden that you're going to need while working with this tool.

Main Features of Winden

Explore the main features of Winden so that you can decide if you need this tool for your business or not.

  • Small Final CSS Size: Single CSS file for the entire website with less than 10 KB.
  • Latest Version of Tailwind CSS: The latest Tailwind CSS version is available on your WordPress Builder.
  • Tailwind Design Sets Compatible: If a design set is made with Tailwind CSS, then it's compatible with Winden.
  • Easy Changeable Theme: Same as CSS Variables you can edit or extend Tailwind values with Configuration.
  • Tailwind Plugins Integration: Seamless Tailwind plugin integration powered by

Best Features of Winden

Find out the features I think are the best in this Winden WordPress plugin that I like the most as they can help you build better websites in a hassle-free way.

Lightweight Final CSS for Lightning-Fast Performance

Well-Optimized CSS by Winden - Image - Toolonomy
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If you use Winden to build a Tailwind CSS based website, then a single CSS file for the entire website will be less than a few kilobytes, which is well-optimized to keep your website lightweight for lightning fast performance by caching the final CSS file for production ready sites.

Compatible with Any Tailwind-Based Design Templates

Tailwind Design Templates Compatibility - Image - Toolonomy
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If you want to use any of the available free or paid design templates built with the Tailwind framework to build your WordPress websites then you can easily do that without any problem. However, these are not built for WordPress in mind, therefore you need to know how to use Tailwind CSS in the first place to use them.

Integrations of Winden

Explore the integration of Winden and see if this tool works with your favorite WordPress Builders or not.

  • Gutenberg & Full Site Editing
  • Oxygen Builder
  • Bricks Builder
  • Zion Builder
  • Cwicly
  • Script Organizer

Pricing Structure of Winden as of September 2022

Checkout the pricing structure of Winden which can help you decide which pricing plan is best for your use case. However, when the lifetime deal is available for just $99 then it makes no sense at all to subscribe to a yearly plan just to save 20 bucks.

Yearly Upgrade

This yearly upgrade pricing plan offers unlimited website licenses for a year.

  • $79.00 / Yearly
  • Unlimited websites activations
  • One year of updates
  • Documentation
  • New feature every month
  • Support until license is valid

Lifetime Deal

This lifetime deal pricing plan offers unlimited website licenses for lifetime.

  • $99.00 / One-Time
  • Unlimited websites activations
  • Lifetime updates
  • Documentation
  • New feature every month
  • Unlimited support

PROS of Winden

Find out the good things about Winden that can help you understand why you should consider using it for your WordPress projects.

Easy to Build, Manage, and Scale

Tailwind CSS is a widely known and most popular CSS framework system for building any kind of web projects faster. Once you learn how to use this framework, you can easily design the most complex pages on WordPress without spending hours of manual efforts.

It is easy to manage as it offers pre-defined utility classes that you can use to design any complex designs, and then you can easily replicate the same on different pages for unlimited numbers of time.

Therefore, you can scale the process and build more websites in less time that are easily manageable and changeable without scratching your head and thinking what did you do last time.

Various Ways to Host Tailwind

The best thing about using Winden on your WordPress site is it will not just use CDN, but it will let you import Tailwind CSS Framework in your local host or directly on your server after include and compile with Tailwind Just-in-Time (JIT) Mode also you can purge the CSS.

Therefore, the website built using this tool would be lightweight and fast of course depending on the number of CSS classes you would be incorporated on your site.

No Vendor Locked in Restriction

Winden works with any WordPress builders because it doesn't limit you with vendor locked in which means if the integration is unavailable for your favorite page builder then you can simply use WordPress hooks to integrate it with that WordPress builder.

However, currently it works with some of the most popular builders and the team is dedicated to adding the built-in integration for more builders in the upcoming future.

WordPress Developer Friendly

If you're a WordPress developer and want to take advantage of Tailwind for any sort of advanced thing, then let me tell you that Winden has WordPress Filter Hooks that can be used for your use case.

For example, if you want to edit Global CSS inside a WordPress Code Manager plugin like Scripts Organizer in a better way, so you don't have to go to the code editor or winden settings back and forth, in that case you can leverage the power of WordPress filter hooks by offering Winden.

CONS of Winden

Explore the bad things about this product as they will help you understand why this tool is not suitable for your needs if you're not okay with these cons.

Lack of Visual Settings Customizers

Winden is a great product as it's been a long time dream for many to use Tailwind with WordPress Builders, and it fulfills that dream.

While using it with WordPress it is really fun and usual if you know how to use the class management system of powered by your favorite WordPress Builder.

However, it forces you to get your hands dirty with coding while adjusting the Global CSS or Configure Tailwind Settings.

Therefore, I would prefer to have an easy-to-use visual user interface to integrate, configure the Tailwind and adjust the Global settings instead of manually adjusting things because not everyone would be comfortable with hand code.

Shortage of Content Around the Product

This is a very new product and not much popular as compared to other similar products, thus there is very little amount of content like guides and tutorials either written or videos available on the web which can make it little harder to use the product for many people.

Also, it could be stagnant the growth of this tool due to lack of awareness as no one is currently talking about this tool except the creators themselves which needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Therefore, the team should focus on encouraging people to create content around it to spread awareness and gain more momentum.

Dedicated Design Templates Unavailable

Winden offers to integrate Tailwind inside WordPress, but there is one big problem the team should identify and resolve as soon as possible: they should also introduce a few design templates for all the page builders it officially supports and create a platform for open source library where people can build and submit their design components built with Winden for free.

Also, the team should encourage the existing design set sellers to create and sell design sets powered by Winden for their various WordPress builders so that it becomes easier for new users to start building websites with this powerful tool having the framework and design templates all in one place.

Below Average Product Landing Page

The product has huge potential, but the current landing page is unable to properly convey its message as the product page is not enticing at all as doesn't even have a proper description of the tool nor all the key features that this tool has.

The team should focus on creating a high-converting and helpful landing page with industry-standard best practices that reveals everything about the product the user might want and need to know about.

At this moment if you want to know everything about the product you can neither find it on the official landing page nor anywhere on the web as no one else is talking about it which I mentioned above as well.


In this review article I have shared my feedback and experience about Winden WordPress Plugin, which is basically a connector to integrate and use Tailwind CSS Framework and all the design templates and add-ons built for Tailwind inside your WordPress projects without any hassle.

Winden is a great tool and I highly recommend it, but if you are a hardcore Oxygen Builder user and looking for an add-on that offers a customized version of Tailwind CSS Framework along with a professionally crafted huge design templates library built with the framework exclusively for Oxygen Builder then you must check out our OxyMade Review.

I believe you found this article helpful in deciding if Winden is a good fit for your use case or not. Therefore, if it has helped you in any way, and you end up adding Winden to your toolbox, then why not share this article with your circle and community in order to help them find and know more about this powerful website building tool that can make their lives easier as well.

Also, if you have something in your mind about this tool, then feel free to share it in the comment section in a constructive manner so that other readers may find your thoughts valuable, and if necessary we will reply to your comment.

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