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WordPress Broken Dashboard: Fix the Unstyled HTML Backend
Is your WordPress dashboard showing an unstyled HTML backend instead of the familiar layout? Don't worry, we have the solution! In this blog post, learn how to fix the issue and get your site running smoothly again...
Scripts Organizer Review: Best Code Manager for WordPress
Scripts Organizer is one of the best WordPress Code Management Plugins made for web designers & developers that offer a variety of powerful and advanced features like Location-based Script & Code Injecting, Live Pr...
Oxygen Builder & WPDiscuz Integration [PHP Snippet]
If you want to integrate the wpDiscuz comment system plugin with Oxygen Builder then this PHP code snippet is going to help you make them work with one another just by adding a shortcode to the single post template...
Best Oxygen Builder Courses: Top Website Building Lessons
If you are looking for a go-to place to find all the Oxygen Builder Courses available on the internet then you have landed in the right place as in this article I am going to list all the Oxygen Builder courses tha...
Advanced Scripts Review: WordPress Code Management Plugin
Advanced Scripts is the most powerful code snippets and script manager in the WordPress Ecosystem. It allows you to write and assign codes like PHP, CSS, Javascript, SCSS & LESS directly inside WordPress. If that i...
Display Last Modified Date in WordPress [PHP Snippet]
If you looking for a way to display the Last Modified Date of a page instead of or along with the Published Date then this tiny piece of snippet would register a function for that and you could easily achieve just ...
Remove Specific Items from the WordPress Toolbar [PHP Snippet]
If you want to remove specific items from the WordPress Toolbar to declutter it and make things organized then this code snippet would help you achieve just that....
Disable Jetpack Related Posts for Specific CPTs [PHP Snippet]
If you want to disable Jetpack related posts for specific custom post types then this code snippet could be helpful to you to achieve just that....
Display Last Modified Date of Pages with Oxygen Builder
If you are wondering how to display your page's last modified/updated date along with or instead of the page published date in the Oxygen template, then in this post I will teach you how to do that using a code sni...
Disable WordPress Core Lazy Load Feature [PHP Snippet]
If you want to completely disable the WordPress core lazy load feature for your website then you can easily achieve that using this very simple code snippet....
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