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ZeroWork Creator App: Alternative to PhantomBuster

ZeroWork Creator App is a no-code solution that lets you build TaskBots and sell them in their marketplace.
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  • Use a no-code tool to build automated TaskBots and sell them in the ZeroWork marketplace
  • Alternative to PhantomBuster
  • Use conditional logic to build proprietary workflows that don’t need to be customized for individual users
  • Best for those who need a no-code workflow automation tool to create Taskbots
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With ZeroWork Creator App, you can automate repetitive tasks with logic-based workflows that mimic human actions. Their TaskBots can automate searching, typing, clicking buttons, collecting data, and performing basic site actions.

That means you'll be able to collect information from social profiles, send DMs across platforms, and manage Facebook ad spending on autopilot. Plus, you can sell TaskBots you build with the Creator App in the ZeroWork Marketplace and generate recurring revenue.

These bots take care of menial tasks around the clock, which means you don't have to hire or train a virtual assistant! You can schedule your TaskBot to run on a timetable, so flexible workflows are executed at regular intervals.

Randomize timing for actions on social media and use Spintax to diversify text inputs made by TaskBots, keeping your social media accounts safe.

Plus, you’ll be able to automate complex social media actions using conditional logic to collect valuable data. TaskBots can collect data, filter that data based on unique criteria, and only take action for qualified data points.

For example, you can automatically filter leads and transfer qualified data sets to another platform, like your outreach tools or CRM. Best of all, users have sole ownership over their data, as well as the actions they perform with your solution.

And because your TaskBot and its workflows are private and proprietary (just like a SaaS product should be!), your subscribers can’t change the workflow logic you set. You’ll be able to gather feedback from users, iterate the product, and automatically push out new updates with the click of a button.

That means you can launch a proprietary SaaS product without begging for venture capital, building a marketing department, or hiring a developer. Good thing ZeroWork Creator App offers a no-code playground for anyone wanting to build and sell TaskBots to time-strapped professionals.

Tool Features
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  • Auto-Collect & Qualify Leads: Collect IG users based on hashtags, Collect FB Group member names, profile links and profile data, and Collect & qualify LinkedIn profiles and relevant data.
  • Auto-Like, Comment & Follow: Automatically engage with your target audience, Warm up cold leads by first auto-liking & commenting, Automate follows and initial outreach
  • Auto-Connect & DM: Automate and personalize DM outreach, Send targeted connection requests on all platforms, and Target your followup automatically

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