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WPCodeBox: Alternative to ScriptsOrganizer & Advanced Scripts

WPCodeBox allows you to save all your Code Snippets to the Cloud and share them across your WordPress sites. The Code Snippet Repository provides you with a library of tested and ready-to-use Code Snippets for your WordPress site.
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Flat 20% Discount + Exclusive Limited Lifetime Deal on WPCodeBox, a WordPress Code Snippet Manager & Repository.
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Tool Highlights
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  • Now, no need of searching for your code snippets, save them to the cloud and use them wherever you want
  • Alternative to ScriptsOrganizer & AdvancedScripts
  • Integrated with all the popular site builders such as Oxygen Builder, Elementor, Bricks Builder, and others
  • You can also use tested code snippets from the WPCodeBox code snippet repository
Tool Description
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You can do almost everything with WPCodeBox. The most common use cases are: adding tracking scripts (Google Tag Manager, Facebook pixel), customizing plugins like WooCommerce, or adding extra functionality without needing a lot of plugins.

WPCodeBox has two main ways in which it can run a WordPress code snippet: automatic and manual. When you run a code snippet automatically, the snippet will run on page load, according to conditions set by the "Where to run" option.

The second one allows you to run a code snippet on demand. These snippets won't run until you click the run button above the editor. You can also see the output of these snippets below the editor window, but option is only available for PHP Code Snippets.

Video Source: WP Simple Hacks YouTube Channel
Tool Features
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Game-Changing Functionality

That saves you time when working with WordPress. All your Code Snippet needs in one easy-to-use plugin.

  • Save Code Snippets to The Cloud and Deploy Everywhere: Never look for that perfect snippet again. Save your most-used Code Snippets to the cloud and use them on any site.
  • Search for Ready-Made Snippets on The Repository: WPCodeBox features a growing WordPress Code Snippet Library, where you can find a whole range of tested snippets for your site.
  • Use Conditions to Set when Or Where Snippets Execute: The WPCodeBox condition builder allows you to set where and when the Code Snippets execute.
  • Organize Code in Folders, Locally or In the Cloud: WPCodeBox allows you to organize your Code Snippets in folders. Upload and download whole folders from the Cloud.
  • Livereload CSS Changes on The Frontend: With Autoreload, your CSS changes will be loaded on the frontend without the page refreshing.
  • Adding a Snippet Won’t Break Your Site Again: WPCodeBox will detect most errors and disable the snippet. In case an error is not detected, you can still access WPCodeBox.

Other Features

  • Build and Manage Your WordPress Code Snippets Library in The Cloud: Forget about the tedious process of copying and pasting your Code Snippets one by one. WPCodeBox allows you to save all those snippets to your cloud account and share them across any WordPress site in just seconds!
  • Works Great with All Themes and Plugins: WPCodeBox works great with all page builders like Oxygen, Elementor, Bricks Builder, and many others. Adding code snippets to your WordPress site is a great way to reduce the number of plugins you use or enhance their functionality.
  • Support for All Code Snippet Types: WPCodeBox supports all code snippet types that you will ever need when working with WordPress. Add inline or external JS, and CSS. It will compile SCSS or LESS to CSS. The code editor provides code completion for WordPress, PHP, CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript.
  • Suggestions for Word Press Actions, Filters, and Functions: WPCodeBox features the most powerful Code Editor ever built into a plugin. It will auto-suggest WordPress actions, hooks, and functions based on the context. The editor provides JavaScript, CSS, SCSS, and HTML code suggestions and it includes Emmet support.
  • WordPress Autocomplete: Don't waste time googling WordPress actions, hooks or filters. The WPCodeBox editor will suggest them based on the context in the editor.
  • API Key Manager: Add API Keys with granular access to your Cloud Account. You will be able to add API Keys to your client's site and manage access as needed.
  • React User Interface: Never wait for the page to refresh again. WPCodeBox is built as a single page application, so everything happens instantly.
  • External CSS and JS: With WPCodeBox you can add inline or external JS and CSS. Easily add any external library to your WordPress without using additional plugins.
  • cdnjs Integration: Including thousands of libraries in your WordPress site is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply search for the library you need, and done - it's included.
  • Quick Actions: Add Code Snippets to the Admin top bar and execute them with one click. This helps when you want to speed up repetitive actions.
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to WPCodeBox
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Community Support
Deal Features
  • Domains (Based on Your Plan)
  • Automatic domain validation, no need to register domains or add licenses
  • Snippet Storage (Based on Your Plan)
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