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WP Page Builder: Alternative to Elementor & Divi

WP Page Builder is an all-in-one page-building tool with every required feature and functionality inside.
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$0 / Free $39 / Yearly
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Exclusive Free Deal on WP Page Builder, a WordPress Website Builder.
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Tool Highlights
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  • Build  any type of website you want with WP Page Builder
  • Alternative to Elementor, Divi & Bricks Builder
  • Easily store and reuse your design anytime you want
  • Made for those who are looking for an advanced page-building tool
Tool Description
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Whether you're an experienced developer or just a beginner, you can build stunning websites independently with this tool. Create beautiful web pages effortlessly using the intuitive live page composer without coding in minutes.

Video Source: Themeum Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful Business Development Tool.
  • Real-time Frontend Website Building: Enjoy a whole new site building experience with the best website builder features and state-of-the-art elements inside.
  • Flexible Row-column Layout Building: Experience the utmost flexibility in building layouts for your web pages. Flexibly add rows, select columns, and adjust column size & row padding.
  • Create, Save, and Reuse your Designs: WP Page Builder has a library system to store your own design blocks. All you have to do is save your blocks and reuse on any page of your website.
  • Library of Well-crafted and Readymade Blocks: Make your website development workflow a lot faster and easier with WP Page Builder’s ready-to-use design blocks. Drag and drop the blocks of your choice on any page, and it gets the design instantly before your eyes.
  • Faster Deployment with Ready-made Page Layouts: A wide variety of predesigned templates are given inside WP Page Builder. Choose any layout you want, customize them with your contents, and witness how to make a complete website in minutes.
  • 30+ Addons and More to Come: Design your WordPress site with elements like texts, images, icons, and buttons, thanks to the rich collection of addons in WP Page Builder.
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Deal Terms
  • Free Access to WP Page Builder
  • Free Updates
  • Priority Email Support
Deal Features
  • Real-time Frontend Website Building
  • Flexible Row-column Layout Building
  • Create, Save, and Reuse your Designs
  • Library of Well-crafted and Readymade Blocks
  • Faster Deployment with Ready-made Page Layouts
  • 30+ Addons and More to Come
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