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Woxo: Alternative to Wideo & Biteable

Starting Price is $59
WOXO is a platform that enables you to effortlessly create videos from spreadsheets and display social content with widgets to level up your marketing.
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Exclusive Showcase for this Powerful & Cutting-Edge Digital Tool.
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Get the LTD for $59 only, the regular price is $84/Year.

Tool Description

With WOXO, you can craft content on a Google spreadsheet and quickly convert it into videos. So you don’t have to waste time trying to learn how to use fancy video editing software.

WOXO lets your team collaborate to edit and create videos simultaneously in the spreadsheet, transforming them into instant dynamic videos at scale in minutes. You can apply your branding to your new videos with just a few clicks, so your audience can have a seamless viewing experience.


  • Create videos in bulk from spreadsheets and allow your team to collaborate on making changes in real-time
  • Alternative to: Promo and Embed Social
  • Automate branding in your videos and resize for multichannel marketing strategy while repurposing your business media assets
  • Best for: Marketers and content creators that want to benefit from video marketing and personalization through all channels


  • Unlimited websites and pageviews
  • Unlimited free widgets
  • Sheet to video
  • Video commercial usage rights
  • No WOXO watermark
  • Chat support
  • Premium templates
  • All integrations
  • Video resell rights
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