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TeleportHQ: Alternative to Framer

TeleportHQ is a low-code development tool that lets you create and publish static sites with a drag-and-drop visual editor
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  • Create professional websites on a visual, code-free editor and collaborate with your front-end team in real-time
  • Alternative to Framer
  • Export pre-written code in nine different JavaScript frameworks, or download it locally in clean HTML and CSS
  • Best for developers, product designers, and web designers looking for a low-code tool to build static websites
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TeleportHQ’s drag-and-drop visual editor makes it easy to design and code static sites in just a few clicks. You can fully customize any design elements on your canvas to perfect the look and feel of each webpage.

Browse through different site templates, or use your own Figma files. Either way, you can save custom components to re-use in future projects. Plus, you’ll be able to preview your mobile-friendly site in real-time to ensure consistency across devices.

Design responsive websites and landing pages with a drag-and-drop editor. TeleportHQ’s shared code editor allows developers to collaborate in real-time as they build new components or edit existing ones—all without leaving the platform.

Instantly see who’s working on what to maintain a seamless workflow. You can also share projects with different stakeholders to keep them in the loop. You’ll be able to create functional prototypes and preview sites before they’re live, so you know the finished product is error-free.

Best of all, TeleportHQ automatically writes code for your entire project—even Figma imports and custom components! If you’re a web developer, you can instantly download the code in HTML or CSS to continue working on it in your own environment.

You'll be able to export production-ready code in nine JavaScript frameworks including React, Next, and Gatsby.

Tool Features
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Solution for Your Front-End Development Teams

Shipping storefront UI’s, static websites, or any digital products is easier than ever. Our all-in-one front-end design platform helps teams build, collaborate, and ship production-ready code in no time.

  • Static Websites: Simplify your front-end design process and create fast-loading static websites. Create and publish static websites in record time.
  • Headless eCommerce: Separate the UI creation from the business logic. Create storefront UI’s and integrate them with your headless eCommerce platform.
  • Component Libraries: Create customizable, and reusable interface elements, stored in accessible libraries of UI components following your own design system.
  • Product Prototypes: Go from a simple idea to a fully functional product prototype in no time. TeleportHQ's low-code capabilities help you deliver working prototypes.

Other Features

  • Build Fast with A Powerful Visual Builder: Design, build and code websites in real-time. Build stores, design systems, and apps with fully featured visual building and development tools.
  • Define and Reuse Component Libraries: Create specific reusable UI components accessible by any developer on your team. Use your component library across multiple projects.
  • Create Content-Driven Designs: Empower your marketing teams to focus on content, make fast changes to any design or copy, and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Blazing-Fast, Responsive Static Websites: Page loading speed is greatly improved by using fully responsive static HTML websites that work on any device.
  • Ship Faster. Empower the Whole Team: Easily work on projects with multiple team members and ship production-ready code faster than ever.
  • Eliminate Hand-Off and Save Time: Shorten the time it takes to go from design to a fully functional prototype
  • Share. Collaborate. Integrate. Reuse: Work with your team on the same platform. Easily share your workspaces, project, and even components to scale your project fast.
  • Version Control With GitHub: Keep track of your projects, easily explore the changes and keep all your work consistent and organized.
  • One Click-Hosting and Instant Deployment: Deploy your websites instantly, and serve personalized content around the globe using Vercel.
  • Publish to Your Own Domain: Set up your own custom domain and deploy your static website in minutes rather than hours.
  • Free Code Export to HTML, CSS, and JS: Export for free production-ready code in 9 different JS frameworks and host it on your platform.
  • Real-Time Preview to See the End Results: Test responsive web designs and layouts in real-time. Use our live previewer to check and showcase your work instantly.
  • Image Optimization Algorithm: Your asset size will be automatically optimized by our algorithm.
  • Server-Side Rendering Support: Convert HTML files on the server into a fully rendered HTML page.
  • Responsive Media Queries: Create different layouts for a responsive design using media queries.
  • GitHub Integration: Keep track of your projects, and easily explore the changes using Github.
  • Ready-Made Templates: Start your projects already inspired by using any of our free static templates.
  • Integrated Content Libraries: Import all your assets and create your own front-end content libraries.
  • Import & Convert Figma to Code: Generate code from your designs by exporting from Figma to teleportHQ.
  • Upload Your Own Custom Fonts: Import all your custom fonts and maintain consistency across projects.
  • Embed Forms, PDFS, and Videos: Use any custom media formats by embedding them into your projects.

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