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Swiss Knife Bricks: Alternative to Swiss Knife Oxygen

Swiss Knife is a high-potential Oxygen Builder Add-on that is now available for Bricks with multiple powerful features, which includes Dark Mode, Faster Top Bar, and Debug Mode, which make this add-on a huge time saver while building websites with Bricks.
Starting at
$85 / One-Time
Deal Validity: Until Mar 26th, 23
Use Coupon "SWK4BRICKS" to Get 20% Off on Swiss Knife Bricks, a Bricks Builder Workflow Enhancement Addon.
All prices are in USD (United States Dollars)
Tool Highlights
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  • Stop doing everything manually use Swiss Knife Pro to boost your workflow
  • Now you don't need to worry about getting messed up with classes as Swiss Knife gives you the option to lock them
  • Alternative to Swiss Knife Oxygen
  • It will help you to add icons to every element so that you recognize them just with a glance
Tool Description
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Swiss Knife is a well know Oxygen Builder enhancer is now available for Bricks Builder. Swiss Knife for Bricks builder is the first plugin you should install when the default is not enough. It will enhance workflow and bring the Bricks Builder to the next level.

It is known as one of the most loved WordPress plugins amongst the oxygen builder users, as it has reduced a lot of manual work which they have to do earlier and now Bricks builder users can also use it to enhance their workflow, the best part is their team is consistently updating the plugin and adding new features into it in order to improve its functionalities.

Video Source: dPlugins Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
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  • Paste HTML and Create Bricks Builder Elements: This game changer unique feature will change how you use builders. You can write HTML structure in your favorite editor or copy HTML from any website, which will convert it to Bricks Builder static elements. This feature can build your entire page with just a few clicks.
  • Write HTML and Create Bricks builder Elements: If you are in a hurry, you can open the editor inside Bricks. Write your HTML structure and hit insert. Same as in the paste HMTL feature, it instantly converts HTML to Bricks Builder static elements.
  • Copy and Paste Classes: The right-click is extended with the option to copy all Bricsk element classes and paste them into another element or element. This feature is handy if you are working with utility frameworks.
  • Multi-Select and Multi-Edit Elements: Hold Shift and click on the elements that need to have the same style. Make changes and look at how every selected element is shaping with your every change. This feature is handy if you are dealing with utility classes and want to apply multiple classes to multiple elements or mess with several elements’ styles at once.
  • Scripts Manager: With this powerful feature and you can enqueue and register scripts and styles. You can use CDN or self-host your favorite framework or javascript library. Working with Green Sock will never be more accessible.
  • Plain Classes: Plain Classes is a feature that allows you to input plain classes on the Bricks Builder editor and bypass the Bricks Builder selector system. There is no need to inject 7000 classes into the database to get classes to autocomplete.
  • Winden Integration: Winden is Tailwind CSS Seamless Integration for WordPress Page Builders & Theme Development directly on the server. Since editing utility stylings can be a tedious job this will be real-time saver.
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Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Swiss Knife Bricks
  • Unlimited support
  • Documentation and support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Paste HTML and Create Bricks Builder Elements
  • Write HTML and Create Bricks Builder Elements
  • Copy and Paste Classes
  • Multi-Select and Multi-Edit Elements
  • Scripts Manager
  • Plain Classes
  • Winden Integration
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