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Swipebasket: Alternative to Readwise & SwipeNote

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Swipebucket is an online tool that allows you to swipe, save, and organize articles, ads, videos, recipes and more—all in one central location.
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Exclusive Showcase for this Powerful & Cutting-Edge Digital Tool.
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Get the LTD for $69 only, the regular price is $1068/Year.

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With Swipebucket, you can save all the things you like in one place and keep them organized, letting you find what you need—when you need it.

To get started, click the Swipebucket icon that shows up next to the item you want to swipe on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, your web browser, and more.

Swipebucket also lets you add and manage team members. Collaborate on swipes by sharing buckets, sub-buckets, and Swipe cards as well as commenting on items in the Swipebucket chat.


  • Save everything from social media ads and screenshots to pictures and Kindle highlights to one location with a click
  • Alternative to: Evernote, Pocket, and Readwise
  • Organize swiped items with tags, stars, buckets, and sub-buckets while getting daily email reminders of saved items
  • Best for: Marketers, copywriters, and learners who want to quickly save and organize online information


  • Unlimited notes and social saves
  • Unlimited buckets, sub-buckets, and tags
  • Unlimited imports and saves for Kindle highlights
  • Unlimited highlights and text saves
  • Save full-page screenshots
  • Save regional screenshots
  • Star and tag items
  • Chrome extension
  • Daily e-mail reminder of Kindle highlights and notes
  • Share with anyone
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • All Big Business Features
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