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StoryShots: Alternative to Blinkist & Shortform

StoryShots is the microlearning app that gives you thousands of text, audio, and animated book summaries.
Tool Highlights
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  • Get quick summaries of bestselling nonfiction books in multiple media formats and languages
  • Alternative to Blinkist, getAbstract & Shortform
  • Listen while you read, share highlights and notes, and get access to full-length ebooks and audiobooks
  • Best for those who suffer to read books and want an cheaper audiobook solution for improving themselves
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Thanks to StoryShots’s multimedia library, you can access quick summaries of bestselling nonfiction books. You’ll be able to learn on your terms and at your own convenience with the option to read, watch, or listen to books.

So whether you’re at the gym, commuting, or in between meetings, get all the highlights of a book in as little as 15 minutes. StoryShots lets you highlight text and take notes directly in the app, read text while you listen, and access PDF or Kindle versions of certain titles.

To customize your reading experience, you can change the font for ebooks and playback speed for audiobooks. Keep track of your reading progress with a personal bookshelf that stores the books you’ve favorited, finished, or are still reading.

StoryShots goes beyond just reading and listening, offering loads of multimedia content to help you learn more efficiently. With this deal, you’ll get access to helpful infographics and mind maps to share, download, or print out.

Visual learners can also watch animations and videos, along with curated content like interviews with authors. With just one app, you can unlock a vault of thousands of book summaries, cliff notes, and audiobooks.

And if you want more than just a summary, you can also access full versions of select titles, including long-form audio and video content. On top of all that, you’ll be able to view content in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, Japanese, and Italian.

Tool Features
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  • Read at Your Own Pace: Use our powerful reader to read at your convenience. Highlight, take notes, read offline, share image quotes, read and listen at the same time, and more to elevate your learning.

  • Listen to Audiobooks: Do you prefer to listen to podcasts and audiobooks on the go, while exercising or doing chores? Well, we've got you covered.

  • Watch an Animation: 65% of people are visual learners. StoryShots is the only app that doesn't leave them out!

Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Story Shots
  • All Future Lifetime Plan Updates
  • You Must Redeem Your Code Within 60 Days of Purchase
  • Please Note: This Deal Is Not Stackable
  • GDPR Compliant
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • All Current and Future Books
  • All Infographics and Select Full Books
  • All Audiobooks
  • All Animations
  • Remove Ads
  • Highlighting and Note-Taking
  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Read While You Listen
  • Offline Access
  • Multilingual Content
  • PDF and Kindle Support
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Exclusive Lifetime Deal on Keyframes Studio, an Audiobook Solution.
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