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Solid Security (Formerly iThemes Security): Alternative to Defender

Solid Security is the ultimate WordPress security plugin, created by WordPress security specialists in 2014. It's more than simply a plugin—it's your support against the increasing wave of cyber attacks.
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  • Say goodbye to bad bots and spammers with the Solid Security Plugin
  • Alternative to Defender
  • Check vulnerable plugins with ease and update them on time
  • Best for WordPress users and web designers who are looking for a tool to secure their site
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Video Source: Matt - WPress Doctor YouTube Channel
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It strengthens weak login authentication by preventing brute force attacks with its Brute Force Protection Network and blacklist features. Users are advised to set strong passwords, and the plugin even includes unique features such as Two-Factor Authentication and Passkeys.

It achieves new heights thanks to a partnership with Patchstack. It automatically fixes vulnerabilities, avoiding the possibility of a delayed reaction to possible threats. Whether it's a known plugin issue or an unresolved vulnerability, it reduces your WordPress risk to nearly nil.

Furthermore, the plugin provides hassle-free authentication via Passkeys, saving you from the complexity of two-factor authentication applications. Biometric logins, which work with Face ID, Touch ID, and Windows Hello, provide an additional degree of protection. This is more than simply a security plugin; it is your digital protector.

Tool Features
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  • Passkeys and Biometric Passwords: Looking for a secure and easy way to log into your WordPress site? Look no further than passkeys. Skip the hassle of two-factor authentication apps, password managers, and complicated password requirements.
  • Brute-force attack prevention: Solid Security offers local and network brute force protection. Local protection bans IP addresses and login attempts based on the lockout rules you specify. Network protection goes further by banning IPs seen trying to break into other sites.
  • Real-time dashboard in WordPress: Every day, lots of activity is happening on your site that you don’t see. Our WordPress Security Plugin monitors all activity related to your site’s security and draws your attention to threats. You decide what it reports to you and other users by email.
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