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Solid Backups (Formerly BackupBuddy): Alternative to UpdraftPlus

Solid Backups is a WordPress backup plugin that has protected WordPress websites since 2010. It offers reliable security for small and large-scale networks, as well as secure offsite backups.
Tool Highlights
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  • Secure your WordPress site effortlessly. Automated backups, easy restores, and reliable protection
  • Alternative to UpdraftPlus
  • Roll back changes, recover files, or revert databases with a few clicks
  • It's ideal for individuals and businesses prioritizing data integrity, ease of use, and reliable backup solutions
Video Source: SolidWP Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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This robust solution protects against server crashes, hacks, user errors, and malware infections. It allows for scheduled backups to be delivered to specified locations, guaranteeing a smooth and safe operation. Users can archive an entire WordPress site with a few clicks, including databases and file systems.

It enables selective restoration of files or databases, allowing users to easily undo modifications. Backups can be automated using customizable schedules, providing a hands-free maintenance option with integrity notifications. Stash Live offers incremental backup options, which capture site updates in real-time.

Tool Features
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All the tools you need to simplify any site migration

  • Full site migrations are simple with Solid Backups. Build a site locally and then deploy it live
  • Move an existing site to a new location, or build a new site from an existing backup archive
  • Quickly clone existing sites as blueprints for new production or staging sites
  • You can perform mass text replacements, but domains and URL references within your database are automatically updated for you — even if they appear within serialized data

Stash your backups safely in our cloud or yours

  • Get 1GB FREE when you start using Stash Live
  • Set up scheduled off-site backups for any number of sites with Solid Central
  • You can also store your backups with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Amazon S3
  • All data is transferred over an SSL-encrypted connection and backup archives are protected with industry-standard AES-256 encryption
  • We do deep malware and virus scans for every Stash backup as it’s created
    FTP, sFTP, and email are also options for sending your backup archives anywhere

Ensure your backups are optimized and always ready

  • Potentially infected backup archives are flagged for your review.
  • You can view server configuration settings and recommendations about your site’s storage footprint, file permissions, file transfer status, and other statistics.
  • Solid Backups generates a visual, interactive directory map showing file and folder sizes. It also reports the status and size of database tables.
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