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Sizzy: Alternative to Polypane & Blisk

Starting at $69.00
Sizzy is a browser made specifically for responsive development and designing. It helps you to make your site responsive, fast, and accessible while speeding up your development workflow by 5x and making sure your site looks perfect on all devices.
Deal Information
Exclusive & Limited Lifetime Deal for the Early Adopters.
Discount Type

Get the LTD for $69 only, On the Official Website, the LTD is $203.

Tool Description

Inspecting devices one by one can be a chore, so Sizzy includes Universal Inspect Element which allows you to inspect all devices at once


  • Never Resize Your Browser Again
  • Everything Is In Sync
  • Take Beautiful Screenshots The Proper Way, Fast & Easy
  • Inspecting Element On All Devices And Sizes At Once
  • Realistic Devices And Device Simulation, Fully Customizable
  • Design And Edit Directly From The Browser


  • Lifetime Access to Sizzy
  • Powerful Browser for Developers
  • Suitable for macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Speed up website development
  • License for 1 seat/device 
  • Switch and change device anytime
  • All features are included
  • Universal Inspect Element
  • Realistic Devices
  • Screenshot Automation
  • Touch Cursor Simulation
  • Simulate Network Condition
  • Simulate color scheme
  • Presets
  • Perfect for A/B testing
  • Manage cache & cookies
  • View Simulation: Responsive, Photo, Focus, Full, Float & Zen
  • Page Navigator Plugin
  • Navigate to Selector Plugin
  • Google Fonts Plugin
  • Page Navigator Plugin
  • Design Mode to Edit Live Websites
  • Debug Styles
  • Email support
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