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Shopper is an online store where creators, publishers, and marketers can manage and monetize affiliate product promotions at scale.
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  • Manage your product promotions from one place and share your branded links to improve discoverability and conversions
  • Alternative to Amazon Influencer Program
  • Promote your brands and products through built-in affiliate relationships with 25K+ online stores worldwide
  • Best for Influencers, affiliate marketers, and agencies that launch product promotions on multiple platforms
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Tool Description
A detailed overview of this tool to learn more about it lets you organize and monetize your recommended products and shopping deals so your followers and audiences can find the items they want. From selling fashion products to educational courses or even fitness memberships, all products are neatly displayed on your own store landing page.

Share your store link on different platforms by embedding them on your blog, putting your product URLs on YouTube, or promoting them on WhatsApp. You can also use the built-in monetization feature to earn money from your own affiliate links or take advantage of the built-in affiliate relationships with over 25,000 online stores.

A lot of affiliate URLs become broken links over time, which means you’re missing out on all that cash. Thanks to the instant notification module, you’ll get alerted whenever a product or affiliate link is broken or expired.

You can view the product, link, and store in each notification, letting you fix broken links in way less time. You’ll also be able to manage and monitor all product URLs shared across multiple channels in the same platform, so you’re always on top of your affiliate game.

With, you’ll be able to design mobile-first stores with customizable layouts and colors to match your brand. Take store personalization to the next level by integrating your own logo and color theme on every page.

You can even use a branded URL with your custom domain, letting you drive SEO, increase engagement, and trigger repeat purchases with an easy-to-remember name.

Tool Features
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  • Profile View: Give your audience a high-level view of products you promote in one place to improve discoverability.
  • Collections: Organize similar products into personalized collections for easy promotions.
  • Product Cards: Share branded product links with your audience wherever they are to improve conversions.
  • Monetize: Earn money from your own affiliate links, or take advantage of the built-in affiliate relationships with over 25,000 online stores.
  • Analytics: Use real-time analytics to measure conversions from different traffic sources to understand how people interact with your products.

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