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Scalify: Alternative to Adyouneed & AdEspresso

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Scalify help you launch, analyze, optimize, and scale Facebook and Instagram ads faster with game-changing automation. It's like having an advertising agency manage your ads, without the hefty price tag.
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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Limited Lifetime Deal.
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Use Coupon Code "BLACKFRIDAY" to get up to a 24% Discount.

Tool Description

With Scalify's intuitive interface, dynamic workflow, and helpful support team, turning profit with Facebook and Instagram ads has never been easier. Get new prospects to buy, become repeat customers, and scale your business profitably with the #1 Facebook ads automation software.


  • Launch Personalized Ads Effortlessly: Create multiple ad variations instantly and target top-performing audiences with pre-made custom audiences that are proven to convert.
  • Analyze Ad Performance on Every Level: Facebook alone can’t tell you why prospects won't convert. Aggregating data from your website, Google Analytics, and Facebook into Scalify will.
  • Automate Optimization to Boost Results: Activate pre-built optimization strategies with ease and save up to 40% of your daily budget that is wasted on bad ads.
  • Scale Automatically to Maximize Profit: Create hundreds of laser-targeted lookalike audiences automatically and generate evergreen growth with pre-built scaling strategies.
  • Fast & Simple Campaign Setup: Create multiple ad creatives instantly, generate dozens of effective audience variations in minutes, and choose your campaign structure with one click.
  • Automatic Split Testing: Target money-making prospects by split testing different Facebook interests, age groups, genders, locations, and placements in a minute.
  • Add Google Analytics UTM Tags Automatically: Add UTM tags to ads with 1 click to enhance tracking and get correct, unbiased ROAS data you can rely on to measure performance.


  • Easily Launch Ads That Convert
  • 5x ROAS
  • Increased Productivity
  • High-quality audiences that improve over time
  • Profitable & proactive scaling
  • Automated ad campaign optimization
  • Save 40% of ad spend that is wasted on unprofitable ads
  • Effective & evergreen advertising workflow
  • Access to agency-level results through automation
  • Open AI's GPT-3 For AI-Generated Ad Copies (Coming Soon)
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