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Salestio: Alternative to Sellbrite & Codisto

Salestio helps you sell products across global marketplaces using automated retail management tools from just one platform.
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$69 / One-Time
Deal Validity: Until February 25th
Exclusive Lifetime Deal on Salestio, an eCommerce Business Management Tool.
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Tool Highlights
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  • Export products to Amazon and eBay marketplaces and manage all your orders from one convenient platform
  • Alternative to Codisto, Nembol & Sellbrite
  • Avoid oversells and duplicate listings with automatic inventory synchronization across channels
  • Best for those who are looking for a good tool to manage their multichannel eCommerce brand from a single place
Tool Description
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Thanks to Salestio’s built-in integrations, you can connect your store to global online marketplaces and sell your products worldwide in just a few clicks. You’ll be able to export products directly from your store to Amazon and eBay to expand your brand and start generating more sales.

Create new listings or connect existing ones, and then manage your multichannel e-commerce business from one convenient platform. And if you’re selling with Shopify, you’ll be able to connect to unlimited Amazon and eBay accounts from different countries!

Salestio also lets you import orders from Amazon and eBay and manage them all from one platform. That means you’ll be able to sync fulfillment data across marketplaces and automate order management. Plus, you can send order and shipping status updates to buyers, so you can give your customers a seamless shopping experience and keep them coming back for more.

Keep your prices and stock levels synced automatically and in real-time across marketplaces to avoid duplicate listings and oversells. You can set custom prices and quantities, as well as optimize your pricing strategy using templates that maintain pricing rules and conditions.

Salestio even lets you apply rules to all products within certain price ranges and add multiple price ranges to one template. With automated eCommerce operations, Salestio helps you save time managing your products and orders across multiple marketplaces.

You’ll be able to create listings and make inventory adjustments in bulk, and your stores will be updated automatically. Best of all, you can track updates on the integrated dashboard, so you always know the status of your listings, orders, and sales operations.

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Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful Business Development Tool.
  • E-commerce: Shopify, Bigcommerce, Shopware, and Prestashop
  • Marketplaces: Amazon (18 marketplaces), eBay (22 marketplaces), Etsy
  • Multi-Currency Support: Automatically convert your e-commerce currently to marketplace currency with the latest rates.
  • Embedded: Integrated directly into your e-commerce website and available from your online
  • Create New Listings: Create a Listing on marketplaces from your store products. Provide marketplaces required Item Specifics and classification details using data from your store product
  • Connect to Existing Listings: Listings currently active on marketplaces could be migrated to Salestio and connected to store products for further automatic stock & price update
  • Variation Support: Support variation listings in different Amazon & eBay categories. Allows you to publish products with options on online marketplaces
  • Multiple Accounts: Multiple accounts support all marketplaces, so all of your accounts could be connected together and manged from a single place
  • Stock Synchronization: Change for product stock in your shop automatically updates listing QTY on connected platforms
  • Price Synchronization: Same as with stock, a change in the price of Store Products, will force updating of the listing price across all marketplaces.
  • Fulfillment: Dispatching orders in your online store will also lead to an update of order status inside the source marketplace. So marketplace customers remain in the loop regarding the actual order state.
  • Status Synchronization: If the product is not available any more on your store or connected category, it will be also removed from online Marketplaces by Salestio
  • Order Import: Importing Amazon, Ebay, Etsy orders to your online store for processing, shipping, and tax reporting
  • Order Reporting: All Orders data are in a single place — your online store. So you can run reporting and have all data on your hand
  • Order State: Order Status synchronized from Marketplace to Online store. So even if third-party system update order directly on the marketplace, Salestio catch these changes and update related store order
  • Fulfillment Synchronization: Dispatching of orders in your online store also will lead to an updated state for orders on the online marketplace. Data provided with dispatching (like tracking code and carrier name)
  • Shipping Synchronization: Synchronize Shipping data from your online store to online marketplaces. Transfer details of selected shipping method and tracking code
  • Shipping Mapping: Map name of marketplace shipping to name of Shipping method in your store
  • Custom Qty: Customize product Qty for online marketplaces: product qty, custom qty, or use data from product meta-fields (custom fields)
  • Price Customization: Use default product price, increase the price by percentage, or use complex logic with Salestio Price Templates
  • Description Templates: Create custom beautiful templates for your ebay listing description and set them inside Salestio Description Templates
  • Choose Products: Flexibly select products or categories you would like to export to online marketplaces. Exclude specific brands or whole categories from being exported
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Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Salestio
  • All future Grower (Tier 1), Business (Tier 2), Business Plus (Tier 3), or Business Gold (Tier 4,5) Plan Updates
  • No Codes, No Stacking Just Choose the Plan That’s Right for You
  • You Must Activate Your License Within 60 Days of Purchase
  • Ability to Upgrade or Downgrade Between 5 License Tiers
  • GDPR Compliant
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Multiple Channels
  • Catalog Management
  • Order Management
  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Platform integrations: Shopify, BigCommerce, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Shopware, PrestaShop, and all Future Integrations
  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Listings
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