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Ruttl: Alternative to Userback & Webvizio

Starting Price is $49.00
ruttl is a fast and easy tool for collecting, managing and previewing design feedback on live websites.
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Get the LTD for $49 only, the regular price is $119/Year.

Tool Description

ruttl empowers you to directly communicate with designers and developers about live website changes through written and video comments. With real-time content changes, image replacement capabilities, and alignment tools, you can preview alterations without editing the live site your customers or clients see.

You and your team can leave comments on specific, live pixels to ensure contextual and concise feedback, plus directly mention other project members to notify them of fixes.


  • Leave comments directly on live websites to deliver precise changes for designers and developers
  • Alternative to: Pastel, Bluescape, and Usersnap
  • Invite team members, managers, and clients to view potential design changes for approval without affecting existing layout
  • Best for: Web designers, content writers, and marketing teams looking to declutter design previews and reviews


  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Unlimited pages
  • Comment on live websites
  • Edit website content
  • Add team
  • Replace images
  • Inspect CSS
  • Review mobile web
  • Share projects with clients
  • Activity tab
  • Manage user roles
  • Slack and Trello integrations
  • 1 admin user
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