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ProjectHuddle: Alternative to Invision & Pastel

ProjectHuddle is a tool that makes it easy for you to receive positive and negative feedback about your work without a problem.
Tool Highlights
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  • Now fixing the problems of your clients is not going to be a headache
  • Use it on unlimited websites and manage it all from a single place
  • Alternative to Invision, RedPen & Pastel
  • Best for web designers & developers who are looking for an easy tool for understanding what changes their clients want
Video Source: ProjectHuddle Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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They have built a plugin that makes it incredibly easy to get feedback and client approval on all your projects. And, since it's hosted right on your WordPress site, there's no giving up your privacy or locking yourself into a service you don't control.

Tool Features
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  • Sticky Notes on Your Designs & Web Projects: Client feedback has never been easier. The point, click and type interactive comments right on top of your image mockups and live site designs.
  • Image Mockups: Collect visual feedback right on top of your designs, wireframes, pdfs, sketches, and more.
  • Live Websites: Gather and manage clear, contextual comments directly on top of your live website or web app.
  • Effortless Collaboration: Get clear, contextual feedback Keep right on top of your websites and designs. Say goodbye to obscure requests and long, unreadable email chains! Stay organized, save time and move forward with the project
  • One Dashboard. Unlimited Websites. Any CMS or Platform: Once you install ProjectHuddle on a WordPress installation, you can use it on an unlimited number of websites, on ANY platform. Manage all your sites from a powerful central dashboard.
  • Make It Yours: Clean, commented code has loads of hooks and a child template system so developers can easily make customizations or integrations. It's GPL licensed, which means you’re free to extend, modify or reuse as much as you like.
  • Ditch the Monthly Fees. Save Thousands: ProjectHuddle is a mere fraction of the cost of similar software. There's also no obligation to keep paying to use it, which means you're not locking yourself into a service you can't control.
  • Dead Simple: Works with your existing WordPress site - no advanced configuration necessary.
  • White Label: Make it your own. Tweak colors, fonts, even layouts to match your brand. Look like a rockstar for your clients.
  • Infinitely Extendable: Clean, commented code has loads of hooks and a child template system for developers to extend.
  • Exceptional Support: Your purchase includes 1-on-1 direct email support.
  • Budget Friendly: ProjectHuddle is a fraction of the cost of other hosted collaboration software.
  • Self-Hosted: ProjectHuddle is yours to keep, which means you're not locking yourself into a service you can't control.
  • Own Your Data: Your work is hosted on your own site, domain and server. No giving up your privacy to a third party.
  • Platform Agnostic: Once you install ProjectHuddle on your WordPress site, you can use it on an unlimited number of websites, on any platform.
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to ProjectHuddle
  • PDF Support
  • Future Addons
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Unlimited Mockups
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Users
  • Central Dashboard
  • Completely Customizable
  • Sketch Sync
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • File Uploads
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$599 / One-Time $109 / Yearly
Deal Validity: To Be Announced
Exclusive Lifetime Deal on ProjectHuddle, a WordPress Feedback Collecting Tool.
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