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Potion: Alternative to Vidyard

Potion lets you personalize video content in bulk, so you don’t need to re-record anything ever again.
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  • Record personalized videos in bulk with your own face and voice, complete with auto-generated subtitles, logos, images, and GIFs
  • Alternative to CloudApp, Loom & Vidyard
  • Customize landing pages with your domains, brand colors, CTAs, and calendar embeds
  • Best for those who are looking for a video marketing tool
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Say goodbye to cookie-cutter emails! Potion lets you create personalized videos and screen recordings with your own face and voice. Just record your video template and let this platform automatically generate personalized videos for you.

You’ll even be able to customize video pages with your own brand colors, logos, and CTAs. Plus, you can also integrate your videos with any outreach sequencing tool. The personalization doesn’t stop there! Potion also lets you add images, stickers, and GIFs to your videos.

You can customize video thumbnails by simply uploading first names, email addresses, and website URLs. Want to host videos online? Simply build a landing page with your own domain, branding, and calendar embeds.

With Potion, you can choose between screen recordings, static videos, dynamic videos, and screen-and-face videos—or even upload your own footage. That means you’ll be able to create hyper-personalized cold emails and run outreach campaigns that truly stand out.

And if you need prospects to demo your product, this tool helps you engage qualified leads and schedule more calls. Best of all, you can read your script using the built-in teleprompter to stay on beat and get the right messaging across every time.

You'll also be able to streamline your workflow because Potion integrates with over 50 popular sales and marketing tools, including Salesforce, Zendesk, and Adobe. And if you’re using multiple cameras, it’s easy to switch between them all without ever leaving the interface.

Tool Features
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  • Screen Recordings: Auto-generate personalized screen recordings
  • Dynamic Videos: Auto-generate personalized front-camera videos
  • Custom Video Player: Customize branding on video pages
  • Custom Themes: Add stickers, emojis, and gifs, and remove the background
  • Calendar Embeds: Embed calendar widgets right on your video page
  • Secure and Safe: All videos are securely hosted and streamed
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