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Contentpace: Alternative to WriterZen & Frase

Contentpace is the AI-powered content workspace that automates hours of topic research and content outlining, while optimizing for SEO.
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  • With it you dont have to research like you used to do before as it will make your work a lot easier 
  • Will help you to see what are the things helping your competitors to rank higher in search engines
  • Alternative to Frase & WriterZen
  • Best for bloggers, copywriters and content creators who are looking for a tool which can help them increase their productivity and get their desire result in less time
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Contentpace is powered by cutting-edge AI that optimizes your content for search engines, so you can outrank your competitors in snap. With one keyword, you can pull the top 50 search results in seconds and see word count, readability score, and outbound URLs.

Review top-to-bottom outlines of competitor articles and identify new opportunities to throw them off their SEO game. Contentpace also extracts relevant natural language processing (NLP) phrases, which means your writers can deliver content that’s topical and highly searchable.

Using the drag-and-drop builder, you can organize competitor headlines into content briefs for your writers. Even better, Contentpace will automatically edit for length, image count, and relevant phrases, so you don’t have to rewrite anything.

And because anyone can access the content brief, this tool reduces friction for agencies and in-house teams working with contractors. Fill topic gaps and optimize your drafts using AI-powered suggestions, like readability score, keyword count, and total word count.

Contentpace will also analyze your article and generate an overall score, so you know when it’s time to hit publish. And thanks to their multi-language support, you can easily write localized SEO content for regional audiences.

In minutes, you can pull the top 50 organic search results and generate content metrics to improve your live content. Their NLP algorithm analyzes hundreds of parameters, keywords, and phrases to give actionable tips.

You'll also be able to download the audit results in a PDF report, which is perfect for SEO specialists pitching their services. With Contentpace, you’ve got all the tools for SEO research, content outlining, and real-time optimization in one workspace.

Tool Features
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  • SEO Experts: Rank on top for your keyword on Google with well researched contents and AI powered topic and entity optimization. Build authority & drive more organic traffic.
  • Freelance Writers: Study any topic faster and stay on the same page with your customers with content briefs to avoid disputes. Improve & deliver more content to build customer loyalty.
  • Professional Bloggers: Rank higher with authoritative contents and publish more often by eliminating manual works. Adapt workflow automation and focus on growing your thriving business.
  • Content Publishers: Collaborate with your writers with specific content requirements and accelerate your publishing process. Automate the boring tasks & improve your campaign efficiency.
  • Optimize for Important Terms & Entities With AI: Postpace natural language processing module analyses all top 50 competing contents for your target keyword and identifies the most prominent keywords and phrases.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Send your writers specific content requirements for target keywords and improve your publishing process. Build authority & generate more sales.
  • Content Agencies: Keep your customers and writers on the same page with content briefs & optimizer to avoid disputes and improve customer loyalty, sales & retention rate.
  • Get Back Time From Busy Schedule: Automate your whole content research process with one single click and get back few hours every day from your busy work schedule.
  • Prepare a Content Brief Super Fast: Content briefs give you a bird eye view of the content you are going to write. Starting with a well researched brief is the most efficient way to produce authoritative content on scale.
  • Optimize for Higher Google Ranking: It helps you to automate the optimization workflow before publishing your content. It helps you polish your content with guided suggestions before publishing and rank higher on Google search by comparing your content metrics with the competing contents.
  • Organize Your Content Production: Plan, organize and centralize your content workflows and focus on publishing the best piece of content for your readers and search engine.
  • Improve Your Published Contents: Postpace content audit module fetches top 50 organic results, featured widgets and vital content metrics for your target keyword and generates an in-depth analysis. This analysis is then translated into ideal content metrics with the help of AI and big data to help you identify your scope of improvements.

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