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Oxy Toolbox: Alternative to SwissKnife & Hydrogen Pack

Oxy Toolbox adds several time-saving and useful features for the Oxygen builder. Each module and option can be enabled and disabled individually.
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Tool Highlights
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  • It provides you access to amazing features which can help you to work more productively
  • Scan and delete unused classes from oxygen builder with ease
  • You can directly edit templates and pages from oxygen builder as the WordPress toolbar will be visible in the oxygen builder
  • If you want to remove unneeded things from the editor like unnecessary scrollbars you can fix it with little bit of CSS tweaks
Tool Description
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The very first Oxygen Add-on we bought was Oxy ToolBox and, we never regret my decision as it is worth every penny we spent due to its ever-growing crucial features library.

Oxygen builder development is a little slower, thus, Oxy ToolBox always tries to fulfill the gaps of the non-existent essential features. If you want to stay ahead of the general crowd, then Oxy ToolBox is a much-recommended plugin to improve your workflow.

Tool Features
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  • Class Act: This module lets you move or copy the styles associated with id or a class of any element to a new class.
  • Classes Cleaner: This module lets you rename and remove unused classes in Oxygen.
  • Text Edit: This module adds a text area to view/edit the text of Heading and Text components. This is useful in certain situations when the element is set to be hidden.
  • Conditions: This module registers custom conditions in Oxygen using which elements can be selectively output based on various parameters.
  • Revisions: Enables you to manage the number of revisions in Oxygen.
  • Back to Top: This module allows users to smoothly scroll back to the top of the page. If users continue scrolling, the button nicely reduces its opacity to be less distracting during navigation.
  • Reading Progress Bar: This module adds a progress indicator showing how much the page has been scrolled as a thin fixed horizontal bar along the top edge of the browser on the front end.
  • Table of Contents: This module provides a shortcode for displaying an automatically generated collapsible table of contents (TOC) consisting of a list of the headings on the current page.
  • Navigator: This module adds Templates and Pages in the WordPress Toolbar for editing the selected item with Oxygen directly with an option to also make the toolbar be visible in the Oxygen editor.
  • Code Completion: This module enables Emmet for HTML and CSS abbreviation expansions in Oxygen’s code panels.
  • Rank Math Integration: This module enables the Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress to parse text inside the Oxygen editor for Pages and Posts.
  • Yoast Integration: Oxygen has built-in support for Yoast SEO i.e., content from Oxygen editor will be included in Yoast’s SEO analysis. Unfortunately, this is at the expense of content in the WordPress editor getting excluded. This module includes WordPress content in Yoast’s SEO analysis when using Oxygen.
  • Essentials: This module enables HTML5 support for elements like the search form and adds (what they consider to be) some essential CSS – for example, to make all the images responsive.
  • Image Width and Height Size Attributes: This module automatically adds width and height attributes with values taken from the selected Size for images added using the Image component in the oxygen editor.
  • Offline Mode: This module enables you to work in the Oxygen editor locally without an internet connection by replacing calls to assets from external CDN URLs with files from within the plugin.
  • All Templates Button: Adds a link to go back to the Templates list screen when editing an Oxygen Template.
  • Remove Themes and Theme Editor From Admin Menu: Removes Appearance > Themes and Appearance > Theme Editor admin menu items from the WordPress admin.
  • Scripts: This module registers popular scripts like Flickity and Isotope so you can load them anywhere in Oxygen.
  • Gutenberg: Provides options to disable the Gutenberg WordPress editor and unload Gutenberg-related stylesheets and also change the default width of the Gutenberg editor to full size.
  • Open External Links In A New Tab: Makes all URLs that link to external websites to open in a new tab.
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Oxy Toolbox
  • Unlimited Developer License
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support 
Deal Features
  • Class Act
  • Classes Cleaner
  • Text Edit
  • Conditions
  • Revisions
  • Back to Top
  • Reading Progress Bar
  • Table of Contents
  • Navigator
  • Code Completion
  • Rank Math Integration
  • Yoast Integration
  • Essentials
  • Image Width and Height Size Attributes
  • Offline Mode
  • Remove Themes and Theme Editor From Admin Menu
  • Scripts
  • Gutenberg
  • Open External Links In A New Tab
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