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Noota: Alternative to Loom

Noota, where your conversations come to life. Record, transcribe and generate minutes of meetings, interviews, courses and phone call reports with the AI algorithm. Save hours of tedious work each week with Noota, and focus on the essential, your conversations.
Starting at
$79 / One-Time $18 / Monthly
Deal Validity: Until Dec 02, '22
Exclusive Limited Lifetime Deal on Noota, A Virtual Meeting Tool.
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Tool Highlights
A brief and concise overview of this tool at a single glance
  • Record or annotate online meetings and convert all audio into searchable, editable reports
  • Alternative to and Loom
  • Transcribe and add subtitles to meetings in over 70 languages, while highlighting key moments to share with your team
  • Best for customer support, marketers, and sales teams with multiple meeting agendas looking for a way to stay on track
Tool Description
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With Noota, you can record virtual meetings on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, or even any tab on your browser. Just upload your agenda and receive real-time alerts if the meeting has not covered specific topics, helping your team stay on task.

You can also use the NootEx screen recorder to follow a live transcription that can be translated into over 70 languages for your global team members. And because this screen recorder is available to use as a draggable popup, it’s easy to tag, add screenshots, and highlight key moments with one click.

You can make any changes in the transcript editor and the text will remain fully synchronized with the audio. And with built-in keyboard shortcuts, you’re able to create a custom tag palette and export the time-stamped quote in a flash.

Video Source: AppSumo Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful Business Development Tool.

Noota makes it easy to extract any information from your conversation

  • Benefit from An Optimized Transcription: This tool is trained on nearly 100,000 hours of transcribed data. A more specific categorization by subject and industry allows for a unique quality. Allow 25% to 50% of your file time for transcription.
  • More than 70 Languages Are Available to You: We transcribe your files in over 70 languages and accents. You should find what you are looking for!
  • Most Intuitive Editor: With the Noota editor, each word is linked to the audio. You can edit text just like in Word while listening to the original audio, so you never get lost. Use the keyboard shortcuts for even more efficient editing!
  • Save Time with Speaker Identification: Simply indicate the number of speakers in your files and they will automatically be identified as "Speaker 1", "Speaker 2", or "Speaker 3"... All you have to do is name them!
  • Customize Your Transcripts: Many features are available, just for you! You can create your own tags, themes, and color codes... Thanks to transcription with Noota, your files become real working tools.
  • Export and Import in Any Format: Don't worry about the format, import your audio and video files, and we convert them. An original format? Let the team know and we will add it!

Explore "Analyzer" Features

Automatically transcribe and analyze your documents with Noota’s Analyzer tool that transcribes your meetings, customer feedback, and interviews. It conveniently arranges them with auto-tagging to help you focus on your users, not the paperwork.

  • Simplified Data Analysis: Save yourself from hours of note-taking and analyzing data by automating data collection with our tool and arranging it under topics and sub-topics.
  • Topic Auto Tag: Tag your data with intuitive topics and sub-topics automatically detected by our tool to easily sort valuable insights and identify important points. Boost your productivity by clicking through tags and finding valuable insights related to your user's needs.
  • Better Understand Your Users: What you say is important, but how you say it is crucial. This A.I. will detect your customer's tones and identify positive and negative expressions to help you better understand a user's emotions and empathize with their needs.
  • Seamless Sharing: Conveniently export your transcribed files into documents, graphs, and spreadsheets to share with your team members and allow them to take advantage of auto-tagging and filter out the data that's relevant to them.
  • Highlight Important Info: Noota's Analyzer tool will highlight all the important keywords frequently repeated in your transcript. You can click a keyword to find the exact moment it occurred during your interviews and meetings and categorize them into a topic of their own.
  • Highly Accurate: This tool uses natural language processing to better understand human speech. This removes the need to proofread your transcriptions as our analyzer automatically removes verbal errors and imperfections, saving you more time.

Subtitle Generator

Not only generate subtitles but make them custom.

  • Benefit from Optimal And Automated Subtitling: This subtitling tool is trained on nearly 100,000 hours of transcribed data. A more specific categorization by subject and industry allows for a unique quality. Allow 25% to 50% of your file time for subtitle generation.
  • A Subtitle Editor Designed for You: In the Noota editor, each word is linked to the video. You can edit the text, select each subtitle independently while viewing the rendering in real time on your video. Use the keyboard shortcuts for even more efficient editing!
  • Customize Your Subtitles: Style, modify, personalize as you want! For example, you can easily change the font color, background color, style and much more.
  • Tag Important Moments: Because one hour of video can be long and relatively undigestible to watch. You have the possibility to tag and select the important moments! Export only what you need.

Do More than Taking Note

Focus on the essential and let Noota take notes for you with all these features

  • Dictate and Set Your Own Rules: You can dictate punctuation, and line breaks, create new paragraphs... Enter your specific keywords and trigger actions such as inserting a text, a link, a contact, and much more!
  • Trust Noota's Automatic Dictation: Another option: let Noota guide you. Just speak and the punctuation will be created automatically according to your intonations! For a quality rendering, we even filter out disfluencies, repetitions, and hesitations. Of course, the text remains editable!
  • An Important Passage? Highlight: There are those moments that we look for and never find... Create your own themes and associate keywords or important passages with them. These custom tags allow you to find the key moments in one click!
  • Add a Screenshot to Your Notes: A picture is worth 1000 words. That's why with Noota live notes you can insert a screenshot of any application, tab, or desktop directly into the notes. You can also add a picture from your webcam.

Screen Recorder Features

Use the browser extension to record & transcribe any tab or application you want on your computer, highlight key moments and add screenshots.

  • Live Transcription of Meeting: With the Noota Chrome extension, the transcription of the meeting will start automatically. As soon you or the people you talk to start talking, the transcription will appear in the popup, so you never miss any info.
  • No Constraints! Record All Your Meetings Online: It transcribes your files in over 70 languages and accents. You should find what you are looking for!
  • Highlight Key Moments: When you are in a meeting it is really hard to focus on taking notes and be proactive. That's why now you just have to push a button to tag a specific moment!
  • Add Screenshots to Your Notes: Someone is sharing an important presentation? No worries, with noota you just have to push a button and the image is saved and added to the note at the specific moment you took it.
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Deal Details
Find the details that are included in all the plans of this deal.
Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Noota
  • All Future Pro Plan (Tiers 1-2) or Enterprise Plan (Tiers 3-4) Updates
  • No Codes, No Stacking Just Choose the Plan That’s Right for You
  • You Must Activate Your License Within 60 Days of Purchase
  • Ability to Upgrade or Downgrade Between 4 License Tiers
  • GDPR Compliant
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Four Hour Max File Duration
  • Real-Time Dictation
  • Import Pre-Recorded File
  • Subtitle Videos
  • Screen Recorder
  • Noota Editor
  • Custom Vocabulary
  • Manual Tags and Labels
  • Export to PDF, WORD, TXT, VTT, SRT, MP4, MP3
  • Audio Import: MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG
  • Video Import: MP4, M4A, MOV, OGG
  • 95% Transcription Accuracy in 70+ Languages (Access and Support for All Future Added Languages)
  • Speaker Identification (Up to 10 Different Speakers)
  • Share Video and Transcript
  • No Noota Branding
  • Chrome Extension
  • Android App
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