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Logoflow: Alternative to Looka

Logoflow is a state-of-the art logo generator focused on crafting professional, aesthetic logos for your brand. We carefully considers your niche, industry and keywords to provide the most relevant, professionally curated logo for your business.
Tool Highlights
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  • The only logo maker combining AI & real designers
  • Alternative to Looka
  • Generate a stunning logo that will portray within minutes
  • Best for large and small-scale businesses looking to achieve consistent branding while creating a professional logo within min.
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Tool Description
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It is made for anyone looking to scale their business through a powerful brand identity. Both designers and non-designers can easily get high-quality, professional designs within minutes.

Every logo in Logoflow is diligently handcrafted by expert designers, taking into consideration your niche, industry, theme, and any other requirements unique to your brand. This creative genius is strengthened tenfold by the latest AI that is involved in producing the final product.

It also lets you share all your brand assets with team members, stakeholders, and clients with just one link. However, the logo generation process does not permit collaborative activities at the moment.

Tool Features
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  • Combining AI and the Creative Genius of Real Designers: Tired of logo makers churning out boring, generic designs? Logoflow gives you the best of both worlds by presenting 100% custom-made logos designed by experts and backed by AI.
  • Generate a Logo Within Minutes: Simply enter your brand name, tagline, industries, styles, and keywords related to your business. You’ll be presented with the most suitable design from among our 1000+ logo templates.
  • Tweak to Perfection: You’ve got your design. Now get down to business and customize your logo. Adjust the position, perspective, and scale of your elements. Experiment with color palettes, styles, and fonts to find the exact vibe that speaks for your brand.
  • Export Your Logo: Your logo is now ready to be exported in multiple file types and sizes. Time to make your brand known to the world!
  • Create Your Own Shareable Brand Page: Get a dedicated brand page complete with all accessible brand assets, logo variations, mockups, fonts, and anything else that gives your brand its personality.
  • Share Your Brand Page: Collaboration is key in any business strategy. You can share your entire brand page with your team, stakeholders, or clients using a single public link.
  • General Libraries: The most convenient way to organize the brand assets you need. You can even upload your own files, and very soon embed links too.
  • Brand Guidelines PDF: Get access to guidelines covering all aspects of your brand including typography, color palettes, and the use of your logo.

Upcoming Features

  • More Logo Types: Watch out for future emblems, monograms, and more in addition to Logoflow's current icon-based designs.
  • Designer Logofolio: Showcase your logos in Logoflow. Let users discover your creative abilities and purchase your designs.
  • Templates: Generate 100s of brand assets such as business cards, letterheads, social media graphics, etc.
  • Premium Logos: Discover premium logos listed by designers for sale. Once purchased it gets permanently removed from the marketplace, sealing your ownership and giving you unlimited revisions of that logo directly from the designer
  • Advance Editor Features: The Editor tool will constantly be updated with exciting new features such as gradients, presets, smart guides, and custom color palettes.
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Logoflow Plan
  • You Must Redeem Your Code(s) Within 60 Days of Purchase
  • All Future Logoflow Plan Updates
  • Please Note: This Deal Is Not Stackable
  • This Deal Is Non-Refundable
Deal Features
  • 10 Logos + 10 Brand Pages/Month
  • Generate Your Logo in Seconds
  • Make Unlimited Changes
  • Downloadable Transparent PNG, PNG, JPEG, SVG and PDF files
  • Premium Brand Pages
  • Brand Guidelines (PDF)
  • Brand Mockups
  • Full Commercial rights
  • 100GB Storage
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