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iThemes Security: Alternative to Defender

iThemes Security Pro takes the guesswork out of WordPress security to make it easy to secure & protect your WordPress website.
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  • Say goodbye to bad bots and spammers with the iTheme Security Plugin
  • Alternative to Defender
  • Check vulnerable plugins with ease and update them on time
  • Best for WordPress users and web designers who are looking for a tool to secure their site
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iThemes Security Prop uses its own Site Scanner to check for known vulnerabilities in your plugins, themes, and WordPress core. The iThemes Site Scanner also checks your site's blacklist status, website errors, and out-of-date software. Combined with the power of Version Management, your site will never run software with known vulnerabilities.

Tool Features
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  • Stops Automated Attacks: iThemes Security Pro works to secure and protect the most attacked part of your website, the WordPress login, by blocking these automated attacks.
  • Monitors for Suspicious Activity: iThemes Security Pro monitors important security events that occur on your website. Early detection of malicious activity puts the power in your hands so you can quickly take action to lock out bad actors, investigate unwanted changes on the site, and identify and patch the point of entry of a successful attack.
  • Strengthens User Credentials: The iThemes Security Pro plugin offers several layers of user security enhancements, such as strong password requirements, two-factor authentication, and passwordless logins. These important user security measures decrease the likelihood that a privileged user account can be exploited to successfully take over a site.
  • Scans for Vulnerable Plugins and Themes to Apply Updates: The iThemes Security Pro Site Scanner alerts you to vulnerable software installed on your site. The iThemes Security Pro Site Scanner checks your site for known vulnerabilities and automatically applies a patch to vulnerable software if one is available.
  • Blocks Bad Bots and Reduces Spam: The reCAPTCHA feature in iThemes Security Pro protects your site from bad bots. These bots can be annoying at best and malicious at worst, trying to break into your website using compromised passwords, posting spam, or even scraping your content. reCAPTCHA uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.
  • Automatically Takes Actions on Your Behalf to Secure Your Site: One of the best parts of the iThemes Security plugin is the actions it will automatically take to secure your site. iThemes Security automatically locks out users, bans user agents and IP addresses, applies version updates, and more, all on your behalf.
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