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InVideo: Alternative to WaveVideo & FlexClip

InVideo is a simple, scalable video creation platform with templates that help you make engaging videos in minutes.
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$399 / One-Time $30 / Monthly
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Exclusive Lifetime Deal on InVideo, All-in-One Video Creation Tool.
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Tool Highlights
A brief and concise overview of this tool at a single glance
  • Now create and edit video the way you want
  • Alternative to Wave Video
  • Convert textbased content into a video and use 50+ AI Powered theme
  • Best for video production agencies who want an effective but easy to use video editing tool
Tool Description
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InVideo lets you fast-forward through the tedious video editing process with pre-made templates adapted for any kind of video, from technology to sports to Instagram-ready posts.

To begin, just select a specially-designed template, then copy and paste your video script.

Next, start telling your story with InVideo’s library of millions of stunning images and royalty-free videos that match your message.

Click “Quick Edit” and suddenly, InVideo’s smart engine does all the heavy lifting by creating a scene with your custom text.

Need to make tweaks? No problem.

You’re 100% in control, with the ability to trim or extend clips, crop the frame, loop video, and change the volume.

Plus, you can add stickers, overlays, effects, and GIFs or go even more in-depth with Advanced Editing options.

To make sure your videos are as perfect as you want them to be, you can finally preview your masterpiece.

Once you’ve decided everything is g2g, you’ll be able to export an HD-quality video, which is rendered in minutes like sorcery (♪1080P magic in the air♫).

All that’s left is to add music from InVideo’s collection of copyright-free music.

Choose from any mood, from electronic to dramatic to happy — they’re all bops.

The options are endless with InVideo, from informational and educational videos to stock ticker updates to sing-along videos.

Publishers, marketers, and small businesses alike use InVideo to create engaging videos without complication or hours spent on the computer.

Some video creation tools bog you down with complicated and unnecessary menu items that keep you from ever creating content.

Others are so basic that your video looks like it was put together by the intern (not the good one).

With InVideo, you’re getting an arsenal of hundreds of templates, pre-made design elements, an extensive media library, advanced editing features, and the flexibility to make your videos your way.

And InVideo is working hard to make sure this product keeps getting better. Check out their roadmap here.

Not everyone can be an astronaut or an Oscar-winning director or a wizard (I’m sure my Hogwarts letter just got lost in the mail).

But with InVideo, anyone can conjure beautiful professional-quality videos in no time.

Video Source: InVideo Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful Business Development Tool.
  • Customizable Templates: Choose from 5000+ templates to create powerful ads, promos, YouTube videos, intros, and more.
  • Add Your Team: Create, edit, comment, and share your videos together with your team members.
  • Brand Kits: Create multiple brand kits and apply them to any video with just one click.
  • Assets: Get access to over 8+ million videos, photos & music tracks
  • Start with Blank Canvas: Unleash the full potential of InVideo editor packed with advanced editing features for the pro in you.
  • Convert Text to Video: 50+ AI-powered themes to choose from, created to convert text-based content to videos in just 3 simple steps.
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Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to InVideo
  • Lifetime Support
  • 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • No Watermark on Videos
  • 60 HD Video Exports per Month
  • 10 iStock Media per Month
  • Free Video Sharing
  • 6000+ Video Templates
  • 3M+ Standard Media Library
  • Automated Text to Speech
  • 20 Remove background per Month
  • 1M+ Premium Media
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