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InstaChamp: Alternative to ManyChat

Starting at $59.00
InstaChamp is an Instagram-approved DM automation tool that drives follower growth, boosts brand reach, and increases traffic to your website.
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Exclusive Showcase for this Powerful & Cutting-Edge Digital Tool.
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Get the LTD for $59 only, the regular price is $288/Year

Tool Description

The tool lets you activate auto-replies using customizable templates that send the same note to all users or different responses based on keywords in the messages received.

You’ll be able to provide information, request the user’s contact info, say thanks, or let them know when you’ll respond personally.

To take it up a notch, you can even drive traffic to your site with a link or prompt the user to schedule a call.


  • Increase Instagram followers, expand reach, and boost engagement with story mention and Direct Message automation
  • Alternative to: ManyChat and Linktree
  • Generate leads and collect contact information from Instagram users, then export to Google Sheets
  • Best for: Influencers, content creators, coaches, and e-commerce brands looking to automate engagement with their followers


  • No branding
  • Paths
  • Image widgets
  • Email and phone attributes
  • Export to Google Sheets
  • Respond to keywords
  • Multiple random story
  • Mention responses
  • Tree of links
  • SMS opt-ins
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