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IMGHaste: Alternative to ShortPixel

Starting at $59.00
IMGHaste is a tool that provides you with the optimization service for your website with faster speed and CDN. And, no coding is required!
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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Limited Lifetime Deal.
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Use Coupon Code "BLACKFRIDAY" to get up to a 24% Discount.

Tool Description

Imghaste is a tool that dynamically resizes images and serves them in the correct format so that your website loads faster and your images look great in the process. It will automatically detect the most suitable Image for your website empowered by the PWA tech.


  • World wide CDN for Your Images: Serving from 550+ Edge Servers worldwide provide a faster content delivery all over the world.
  • Easy To Use: comes with a Plug & Play Service Worker. That will do all the work for your.
  • Automatic Transformations: AVIF, WebP, Client Hints, Size reduction, Effective Connection Type, Progressive JPEGs, Interlaced PNGs and many more.
  • SEO & Performance: Keep all benefits, leverage the flexibility imghaste provides, and stay on top of search results.
  • Client Hints: Serve your images at the right dimensions using the power of Client Hints.
  • Service Worker: With the power of Service Workers, we are able to offer you an enterprise-level solution for your website at the cost of €€.


  • WordPress Plugin
  • Unlimited Websites and Unlimited Images
  • Global CDN
  • Client Hints Ready
  • 100% White label at Your Own Domain
  • WebP Support and WebP Support With Backwards Compatibility
  • Interlaced PNG and Progressive JPEGs
  • Pro Image Optimizations in Real-time
  • Watermarking
  • Smart Crop with Smart Center ID
  • Real-time cloud backups
  • Overlays and Greyscale
  • Disaster Recovery Backup
  • Weekly Failover Scenarios
  • GDPR Compliance
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