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HostMaria Deal: Alternative to Bluehost

HostMaria works in partnership with 20i data center, which uses top-quality branded hardware that’s fully stress-tested, and provides a new generation of web hosting
Starting at
$4 / Yearly $2.49 / Monthly
Get access to this exclusive deal on this powerful business development tool to manage and grow your business online.
All prices are in USD (United States Dollars)
Tool Highlights
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  • HostMaria SSD Cloud Hosting offers peace of mind and happiness
  • It only uses top-quality branded hardware that’s fully stress-tested
  • Alternative to Bluehost and Hostinger
  • Best for business owners who want to enter the digital world with affordable hosting
Tool Description
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It includes an in-house developed custom plugin – StackCache – that controls the edge caching to truly ‘turbo charge’ your website.

The very nature of this platform means that there are a few restrictions compared to our standard hosting platforms: as this platform is built on PHP 7 OPcache, all plugins and scripts must be compatible with this version of PHP.

You aren’t able to host any content or scripts that are not WordPress-related in the web space. Put simply, packages created on this platform should be viewed as a single ‘WordPress Install’. While we do support additional domain names and subdomains, they must point to the same WordPress install.

Video Source: Deal Mirror Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
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  • Internet Needs Good Web Hosting Company: Shared cloud hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers for webmasters. Datacentres are situated in the UK and Germany.
  • How it Works: It provides shared cloud hosting in partnership with 20i data centre
  • Dashboard: Manage your domains, websites, databases, email accounts, and more.
  • Global CDN: CDN is free, and there are no bandwidth limits
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Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • One Year Access to HostMaria
  • One Year Support and Updates
  • Free Domain Is Not Included in This Deal
Deal Features
  • 100 GB Space
  • 1 TB Traffic
  • 30 Days/Backups​
  • Unlimited Domains​
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