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Hexometer: Alternative to Semrush

Hexometer is your AI sidekick that works behind the scenes, monitoring your website and marketing 24/7. Detect downtime and fix page speed performance issues, security vulnerabilities, page & JS errors, email deliverability, SEO optimization or server configuration problems before they burn a hole in your pocket.
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$159 / One-Time $456 / Onetime
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Upto 67% Discount for Christmas & New Year Holiday + Exclusive Lifetime Deal on Hexometer, a Website Monitoring Tool.
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Tool Highlights
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  • Multi-client agency dashboard to monitor all your clients
  • Alternative to Semrush
  • Keep track of website changes and their performance impact
  • Best for those who are looking for a good website monitoring tool
Tool Description
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Every day your website can face an increasing range of threats. Server problems, slow landing pages, broken links, frustrating mobile experiences, embarrassing spelling mistakes, changing SEO rules, 3rd party services breaking, or security issues that put your business at risk.

To make matters worse, these issues can linger unnoticed, wasting your ad budget and costing your business lost sales. Hexometer monitors your website 24/7, to catch Availability, Performance, User experience, SEO, Health, and Security problems before they affect your customers.

Unlike traditional uptime monitoring platforms that just tell you when your website is down, Hexometer is like having your very own QA team, continuously monitoring your website across six core areas including availability, performance, user experience, health, SEO, and security. Get real-time notifications when issues are detected via email, SMS, Slack, Telegram & Trello.

Hexometer works in the cloud, there is no software to install, or code changes required - You can get started in minutes to get comprehensive, sitewide, peace of mind. Their platform is also designed to support and empower agencies so they can keep an eye on client websites, get alerts as soon as issues arise, protect ad-campaigns and provide world-class service.

Video Source: AppSumo Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
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  • Never Miss a Beat with Next-Gen 24/7 Availability Monitoring: Go beyond traditional uptime monitoring. Hexometer provides 24/7 peace of mind by continuously monitoring your entire website for issues. For up-to-the-minute peace of mind you can also deploy additional standalone monitors to keep an eye on your most important pages down to the minute.
  • Ensure a Great First Impression on Every Device with Ux Monitoring: First impressions matter, a lot. If your visitors encounter spelling mistakes or visual bugs their first visit will be their last. Hexometer works like your very own QA team, continuously monitoring your most important pages for user experience issues.
  • Spot Frustratingly Slow Pages Across Device Types with Performance Monitoring: According to Google, If your pages take longer than a few seconds to load you’re potentially losing nine out of ten visitors, right out of the gate. Hexometer continuously monitors your website for performance issues across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Catch Errors Before They Affect Your Customers with Health Monitoring: Hexometer continuously monitors your website for broken links, server errors, JS errors, missing images, or problematic scripts that can sabotage your business.
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Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Hexometer
  • Your Data is Safe
Deal Features
  • Smart Crawl
  • One Minute Uptime Monitoring Frequency
  • White-Labeled Status Pages
  • Broken Links & Error Monitoring
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Exports to: CSV, G Sheets, PDF White-labeled
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