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Genie AI: Alternative to Bertha AI & AutoWriter

You can write a full-fledged blog post/article with the help of GetGenie, generating an SEO-optimized title, meta description, intro, blog outline, and all the content in between is possible with the AI power of GetGenie.
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Exclusive Free Deal on Genie AI, an AI Writing Plugin for WordPress.
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Tool Highlights
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  • A powerful copywriting tool inside WordPress
  • 30+ ready templates for content, copywriting, and SEO optimization
  • Alternative to: Jasper, Surfer SEO,, ClosersCopy, NeuronWriter
  • Analyze what people search for and give better content than your competitors using GetGenie
Tool Description
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You can add as many users as you want so that they can all work and collaborate right inside your website. All plans/packages of GetGenie come packed with unlimited user additions and logins!

You can easily generate headings/subtopics that match your blog post's search query and intent. Among them, simply click and choose the ones you need, and voila! Your blog post outline is ready!

GetGenie brings innovative SEO features like keyword search volume, competition, CPC, trend data, related keywords, competitors’ data, and relevant questions, as well as a content score for on-page optimization.

Video Source: GetGenie Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful Business Development Tool.
  • AIDA Framework: Create copies with the infamous AIDA model using Attention → Interest → Desire → Action!
  • Next Paragraph: Provide a paragraph and generate a relevant follow-up paragraph that you can use in your contents & copies!
  • Paragraph Rewriter: Get a rewritten version of your given paragraph while keeping the essence & the meaning intact!
  • Summary Bullets: Get a bulleted list of points summarizing the core topics/ideas of the passage/content you provide!
  • Pros and Cons: Generate a list of the pros and cons of a topic extracted from credible sources by GetGenie.
  • Related Topics: Generate the topics related to your given paragraph/snippet of content powered by GetGenie’s AI power!
  • Meta Description: Provide a title/topic and get a relevant meta description to entice both humans and search engines!
  • Outline: Research & prepare an outline of your blog post by providing only an intro/brief description!
  • Keyword Suggestion: The related trending keywords will be generated instantly, packed with all the relevant metrics like search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, and lots more!
  • On-page Optimization: GetGenie doesn’t stop at generating content for you. It also gives you a live score on the on-page factors to improve — saving you time, effort, and extra tools!
  • SERP Analysis: Everything on the SERP of your targeted keyword is your competitor, and GetGenie aims to beat them with an in-depth analysis of the backlinks, traffic, and all the other nitty-gritty!
  • Quora & Reddit Questions: Why waste time manually researching relevant questions from Reddit & Quora, when GetGenie can fetch them all in an instant — according to the keyword & topic!
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Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Free Access to
  • 1 Website
Deal Features
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1,500 AI Writing Words Per Month
  • 10 SEO Keyword Analysis Per Month
  • 5 Competitor SERP Analysis Per Month
  • 30+ AI Templates
  • WordPress Plugin
  • WordPress Blog Wizard
  • WooCommerce Product Wizard
  • Elementor Builder Support
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