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FunnelKit (Formerly WooFunnels): Alternative to CartFlows

The Ultimate sales funnel builder for WordPress with high-conversion optimized templates, order bumps, one-click upsells, smooth checkout order & more with FunnelKit.
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$80 / Yearly $129 / Yearly
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Up to 33% Discount on FunnelKit, a Powerful WordPress Funnel Builder.
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Tool Highlights
A brief and concise overview of this tool at a single glance
  • Create awesome high-converting sales funnel using the pre-made templates
  • Track everything from views to conversion to make your funnels even better
  • Alternative to ClickFunnels & CartFlows
  • Use auto-suggestion in your forms to make it easy for your visitors to fill up their information
Tool Description
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FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels) Funnel Builder for WordPress gives you ready-to-use templates, a smart rule engine, powerful analytics, and other ROI-maximizing features. The Funnel Builder is a unified solution with optimized checkouts, order bumps, one-click upsells, and of course opt-ins, sales, and thank-you pages.

Plus it includes contact activities, in-depth analytics, and a performance dashboard with the ability to A/B test everything. It is a sales funnel plugin for WooCommerce. You will need a hosting account on WordPress with WooCommerce installed and activated.

Video Source: FunnelKit HQ Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful Business Development Tool.

Grow Your Revenue with Optimized Sales Funnels

FunnelKit's Funnel Builder for WordPress gives you ready-to-use templates, a smart rule engine, powerful analytics, and other ROI-maximizing features.

  • Frictionless Checkouts: Create Shopify-style checkout, two-step order forms, with express pay options & more to minimize abandonment.
  • Profitable One-Click Upsells: Create rule-based dynamic post-purchase one-click upsell offers and let buyers accept them with a single click.
  • Rule-Based Order Bumps: Cross-sell complementary products on checkout based on cart items, cart total & other smart rules.
  • Stunning Opt-In Pages: Grow your email list by creating high-converting opt-in funnels and follow-up to convert leads into buyers.
  • Intuitive A/B Testing: Uncover hidden profits with split testing. A/B test everything - headlines, button, checkout design & more.
  • Easy-to-Understand Analytics: For every page in the funnel, track the views, conversions, revenue earned, & more to improve performance.

Engage & Retain Customers with Marketing Automation Engine

Use the marketing automation engine with your WordPress funnel builder to engage users and drive more sales.

  • Abandoned Cart Tracking: Track abandoned carts, do automated follow-ups, and get more buyers.
  • Funnel Automation: Deploy automated campaigns for lead nurturing, welcome series, post-purchase upsell, customer win-back & more.
  • 360° Contact View: Get rich insights about every contact- their last order date, AOV, total revenue & more- all in one place.
  • Smart Segmentation: Create highly filtered segments. Reach out to different audiences such as repeat customers, and buyers with a high AOV with a highly tailored message.
  • Lead Capture with Form Plugins: Capture leads from the form builder of your choice. Nurture them and convert them into buyers.
  • Broadcast Emails: With drag-&-drop email builder, create beautiful promotional emails and newsletters for specific audiences.
Tool Platform
Deal Status
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Pricing Models
Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • One Year Access to FunnelKit
  • GDPR Compliant
  • One Year Support
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Deep Analytics
  • Contacts Activity
  • Ready to Use Templates
  • A/B Testing
  • Inline Forms
  • Popup Forms
  • Learndash Course Enrollment
  • Truly Flexible Checkout Builder
  • One, Two & Three Steps Forms
  • Shopify Style Checkout
  • Mini Cart on Checkout
  • Google Address Autocomplete
  • Express Pay Buttons
  • Collapsible Order Summary
  • 8 Other Optimizations
  • Rule/conditional Bump
  • Order Bump Skins
  • Multiple Bumps on Checkout
  • Rule/conditional Upsells
  • Run Upsells on Global Checkout
  • Create Dynamic Offer Trees
  • Multiple Products on Single Offer
  • Smart Skip if a Buyer Has Purchased in Past
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