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FluentAuth Deal: Alternative to Jetpack

FluentAuth is a security plugin that offers a simple and effective solution. It enhances the authentication process by enabling Two-Factor Authentication for selected user roles and limiting the number of login attempts from a specific IP address within a given time frame, effectively eliminating brute-force attacks.
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Exclusive Free Deal on FluentAuth, a WordPress Authorization & Security Plugin.
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  • Make your WordPress site more save with this tool
  • Alternative to Jetpack & iThemes Security Pro
  • Save your site from hackers and their malicious codes
  • Best for those who looking for an affordable security plugin
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It also improves the user experience by allowing users to log in via email or social media accounts, eliminating the need for passwords. In addition, the plugin offers email notifications for important events, detailed logs of failed and successful login attempts, and customizable login and logout redirects. It is built for performance, using the latest technologies to minimize its impact on server resources.

Tool Features
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  • Two-Factor Login: Enable Two-Factor Login via email for high-level user roles like Administrator / Editor. By using this, only the right person can get access to your admin panel. Even their password gets compromised.
  • Magic Login via Email: Let your users log in via email only. No need to type the password. Just provide the email, and a secure, hashed, and limited-timed direct login URL will be sent to their email inbox to log in.
  • Social Login / Register: Want to enable login via Github for your users? Enable this super lightweight feature and let your users log in via their GitHub accounts. (Facebook, Google, and others coming soon)
  • Limit Login Attempts: Block excessive login attempts and protect your site against brute force attacks. Simple, yet powerful tools to improve site security and performance. Configurable lockout timings easily.
  • Dynamic Login Redirects: Redirect users to different pages after they log in or log out based on conditions such as their roles and capabilities. No coding knowledge is required. You can configure it using drag and drop.
  • Detailed Audit Logs: Log successful or failed login attempts, and get detailed reports that make sense. Get information on how many users are logging in to your site for a specific time frame.
  • Core Security Enhancement: XML-RPC is the biggest target for WordPress attacks, and 99% of the sites don’t need that. Disable XML-RPC, Remote Application Login, and Protect wp-users listing for REST API.
  • Security Email Notifications: Get emails when a high-level user role logs into your site or fails login attempts so you can protect your site from unauthenticated access.
  • Super Fast Solution: Fluent Auth was built and backed by experienced devs. It’s built with the latest technologies with super clean code. It will not slow down your site.
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Deal Terms
  • Free Access to FluentAuth
  • No Refund Policy, Obviously it's Free
Deal Features
  • Two-Factor Login
  • Magic Login via Email
  • Social Login / Register
  • Limit Login Attempts
  • Dynamic Login Redirects
  • Detailed Audit Logs
  • Core Security Enhancement
  • Security Email Notifications
  • Super Fast Solution
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