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Exact Visitor: Alternative to OmniConvert & SiteSpect

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Know Exactly who wants your Products & Services.
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Never miss a lead who visited your website, even if they have not filled your contact form!!

Every day you are losing out hundreds (if not thousands) of potential leads to your competitor because you are not contacting them, although they have visited your website wanting your products/services.

With Exact Visitor, you get notified of every anonymous visitor to your website in real-time and reach out to them to close deals faster.


~ Identify the companies of the visitors from their IP addresses
~ Get alerts via Email & Slack instantly
~ Alternative to: Leadfeeder, Zoominfo, Lead Forensics
~ Best for: Sales & Marketing Professionals, Website Owners, Digital Agencies

PS. A very unique product with a lot of potentials at this affordable price point, it would be really helpful for the online marketers who generate leads from their websites.

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