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EmbedPress: Alternative to Embedly

EmbedPress lets you embed any engaging and interactive multimedia content such as videos, images, posts, audio, maps, documents, PDF, and much more into your WordPress site with one click and showcase it beautifully for your website visitors.
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Flat 20% Discount for Christmas & New Year Holiday + Exclusive Lifetime Deal on EmbedPress, a Document Embed Plugin for WordPress.
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Tool Highlights
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  • With it, you can embed content from different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and etc to your website with ease
  • No matter whatever youtube video using you can add your custom logo to it
  • Alternative to Embedly
  • Best for WordPress users and business people who are looking for a tool that can help them to embed any type of content easily in their site
Tool Description
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Create interactive content in Gutenberg with EmbedPress by Instantly embedding any content to your website using Gutenberg blocks from EmbedPress, By using this WordPress embed plugin, you will get advantages like support 100+ content sources, embed audio-visual content to plain text-based posts, and more.

Video Source: WPDeveloper Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
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  • Embed Facebook Posts & Videos: EmbedPress allows you to embed Facebook posts and videos. It makes it easier for you to embed social media content into your WordPress site
  • Embed Google Maps: Embed Google Maps by pasting the URL and turn it into interactive content within your WordPress blog post or web pages
  • Embed Google Docs: EmbedPress supports the whole range of Google Drive options including Docs, Sheets, Drawings, Presentations, and Forms.
  • Turn On Lazy Load: Enable lazy loading for embedding images on your website so they load faster
  • Embed Live Twitch Streams: Display live Twitch streams and embed them in your content with one click
  • Add Custom Branding: Effortlessly set global branding and custom logos for all your video embeds
  • Embed Wistia Videos: EmbedPress is the easy and fully-featured solution if you want to use Wistia videos with your WordPress Website.
  • Embed Vimeo Videos: Add Vimeo videos to your website by simply entering the URL in your editor
  • Embed Instagram Images: With the help of EmbedPress, it is very simple to embed Instagram images in WordPress, you don’t need to mess around with any codes.
  • Embed Giphy GIFs: Embed gifs and memes to add humor to your WordPress posts. Use EmbedPress to embed content directly from Giphy.
  • Add Custom Branding For Youtube Videos: Easily add your own custom logo for branding Youtube embeds
  • Show or Hide Closed Captions: Enable or disable showing closed captions in videos by default
  • Customize Video Progress Bar Colors: Choose the colors to display the progress of your Youtube video
  • Display Annotations And Related Videos: Show annotations and related videos based on user preferences
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to EmbedPress
  • Lifetime Unlimited
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • 100+ Content Providers
  • EmbedPress YouTube
  • EmbedPress Wistia
  • EmbedPress Vimeo
  • Custom Branding
  • Live Twitch Streams
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