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Editor Enhancer: Alternative to Recoda Workspace & Hydrogen Pack

Enhance your workflow with the largest suite of extensions for Oxygen, Editor Enhancer comes packed with customizable features and extensions created just for Oxygen Builder. And, with updates so frequently, you'll think it's your birthday several times every month.
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Tool Highlights
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  • Improve your workflow by using 17 extensions and 90+ customization options
  • Set up keyword shortcuts and increase your productivity
  • Take snapshots to copy your build-in template for drafting new template variations and A/B testing
  • Made especially for WordPress and Oxygen builder users
Tool Description
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You might think that with all these features, Editor Enhancer must be bloated. But not the case! The scripts load in fewer than 200 milliseconds on average and sit at just 400kb. And with all these features, it's an absolute powerhouse.

Tool Features
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  • Copy & Paste: Copy and paste entire components between sites. Includes all component children, ID styles, included classes, and included class styles. Paste between different tabs on any major browser - or even between browsers.
  • Context Switching: Context Switching resolves this by providing a three-column drop-down of your templates, reusable parts, and pages, which you can click to load your templates in seconds without leaving the editor!
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Not your typical keyboard shortcuts program. For each of more than 40 actions, you can set entirely customized sequences of keys that work best for you. With or without Ctrl, Alt, or Shift. Or, just use the recommended settings.
  • Style Management: Keeping track of all your styles is a pain if you don't have Style Flow. This program displays all of a component's styles - from ID, classes, breakpoints, and pseudos - into a reference table and provides links to those styles for quick editing, as well as surgical deletion of styles.
  • Snapshots: A snapshot is a complete copy of your template build state, including all components, ID styles, classes, and class styles as they currently are. Saved snapshots are stored as post meta data.
  • Class Management: It is your best friend when it comes to managing classes. With seven new operations, you'll be a class master let's have a look at some of them Move ID styles to a class, reset styles on class or ID, and much more.
  • Viewport Context Menu: Access common operations from the viewport. Simply right-click anywhere in the viewport to open the context menu. If you have hotkeys enabled for the operations, your hotkey configurations will be displayed next to the selections.
  • Class Picker: Class picker adds a dropdown toggle in the left-hand styles panel that reveals an alphabetized list of your classes. Classes that have already been applied to the selected component are displayed in green.
  • Class Locker: It can be heart-stopping to realize you've just modified a class when you meant to make changes to an ID. Class Locker adds a handy toggle operation to prevent you from making changes to classes.
  • WP Links: Oxygen Builder's editor has a dropdown in the top bar called "Back to WP" with two links: Admin and Frontend. By enabling the Back to WP Links extension, you'll find a new tab in the Editor Enhancer admin to another admin page. On this page, you can select options to add your different post types and general WordPress admin links.
  • Advanced Editor Buttons: These are simple shortcut buttons to panel views within the Advanced Tab. They are displayed below the Primary and Advanced tabs. This GIF shows how this simple extension works.
  • Handy Text: This little extension adds a text area box in the left side styles panel for text and heading components. It's a time saver for quick text changes, or if you've accidentally deleted all the text and now the component is not selectable.
  • Optimizer: Optimize your editing experience by disabling plugins while you're editing in Oxygen. Disabling plugins is not the same as "deactivating" plugins. This extension simply prevents plugins from loading. This also can help to speed up Oxygen editor load time.
  • Disable Edit Locking: Oxygen now will prevent you from editing templates if you've recently closed the editor. This is annoying! To disable this function, simply enable "Disable Edit Locking" from the admin settings.
  • Template Categories: To better organize your templates, enable Template Categories. This adds a taxonomy for Oxygen templates and reusables that works just like post categories.
  • Custom Block Categories: Enabling Custom Block Categories allows you to set new categories, which will also show up in your design set when imported to another site.
  • Template Columns: Add data columns to Oxygen's admin templates page. These help you stay on top of your templates.
  • Purging: Add bulk options to the Templates manager page for purging revisions for selected templates. If you have the Snapshots extension enabled, you may also purge snapshots for selected templates.
  • Experience Settings: This block of options applies general settings for an improved experience.
  • Interface Settings: These settings also improve the experience by providing simple interface enhancements.
  • Code Editor Settings: Improve the code editor experience with two major improvements and they are enabling emmet abbreviations for HTML, and enabling code line-wrapping.
  • Add Panel Settings: Improve your experience with adding components and using the Add+ panel in general.
  • Breakpoint Selectors Settings: Improve the breakpoint selectors (also known as media query selectors). Convert them to a row and optionally move them to the top bar.
  • Improvements Settings: Several components come with some presets that make more work for you. This is especially true of image and video components. Use these improvements to add default images and videos when adding these components.
  • Top Bar Navigation Settings: In WPAdmin, you can now add dropdown lists for quick access to your templates, reusables, and/or blocks.
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Editor Enhancer
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support
Deal Features
  • Customize Your Experience
  • All Extensions and Settings Included
  • Zero Bloat and Fast Load Times
  • Import and Export Settings
  • Dozens of Optional Settings to Transform Your Editing Experience
  • Includes 15+ Epic Extensions, Like a Clipboard, Hotkeys, Snapshots, and More!
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