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Doubly: WordPress Cross Domain Copy Paste Tool

Increase productivity and get the job done faster by easily moving content & designs between your WordPress websites in seconds.
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$99 / One-Time
Exclusive Showcase for this Powerful & Cutting-Edge Digital Tool.
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Tool Highlights
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  • No need to do the same work, again and again, copy pages from one website and paste them to another one easily.
  • Bulk copy-pasting content is also a breeze with this tool
  • A time saving tool which eliminate a lot of tasks
  • Now as a web developer or designer you can take your productivity to another level
Tool Description
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Moving content from a WordPress staging site to a live site has never been easier! Now you can just copy and paste content including all the assets between a development environment to your live website. Go into Products into the WordPress menu and select the WooCommerce products you want to move from one website to another by marking the checkboxes individually.

Video Source: Doubly Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
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  • Copy Paste Between Websites: The simplest way to copy content and designs between websites with just a few simple clicks. Doubly will take care of the dirty work and help you focus on the important tasks.
  • Export-Import Between Websites: Now you can download content and designs from your WordPress website as a zip file. One-click export and import posts, pages, WooCommerce products, Elementor sections, media, or any other custom post type between your WordPress websites.
  • Copy Paste Buttons: To make it easy Doubly adds copy-paste buttons in every post or page to the top WordPress toolbar. Just click copy in one website and paste to another.
  • Bulk Copy Paste: In the WordPress admin Doubly adds additional bulk actions in every post list including media. Now you can copy-paste multiple posts between websites.
  • Backup and Store Files: The quick one-click export-import feature lets you download assets to your computer and store them for backup purposes. Now you don't have to make a full website backup and you can back up only what you need.
  • Collaborate With Colleagues: Sharing your assets was never so easy. Easily send a coworker a certain section of a design or even a full post or page.
  • WordPress Pages: Move fully designed pages with their metadata and media between your WordPress websites.
  • WordPress Posts: Move any WordPress posts and even CPTs with custom fields between your WordPress websites.
  • Live Copy Paste Button: Add a live copy button for website visitors to copy Elementor sections directly from your website.
  • LearnDash: Copy and Paste LearnDash courses and lessons between your WordPress websites with just a few clicks.
  • Elementor Sections: Copy and paste any section with all the widget content and style between WordPress websites faster.
  • WooCommerce Products: Copy and paste WooCommerce products with all attributes, variations, categories, and media.
  • ACF Field Groups: Copy and paste ACF field groups or any post including Advanced Custom Fields between websites.
  • Code Snippets: Migrate your Code Snippets from one website to another using the bulk copy-paste feature in the Doubly.
  • Unlimited Elements: Copy and paste demo sections from the Unlimited Elements website directly to your website.
  • Media Files: Easily move media files like images, audio, video, and other files between your WordPress websites.
  • Contact Form 7: Copy and paste Contact Form 7 forms between your WordPress websites including all the settings and fields.
  • Intuitive Interface: You don't even need to read the documentation you can start using Doubly as soon as it's installed. Just copy and paste like your used to.
  • Secure & Conflict Free: The best and most secure solution that will never cause conflicts on your website.
  • Save Time & Efforts: Create websites faster without the hassle of rebuilding over and over again. Now, you can duplicate any section from one domain to another with just a few clicks.
  • Lightweight & Optimized: Doubly is a focused plugin that does not add any unneeded features or bulk to your website environment.
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Doubly
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • SSL Secure Payment
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Copy Paste Pages
  • Copy Paste Posts
  • Copy Paste Elementor Sections
  • Copy Paste Elementor Templates
  • Copy Paste Custom Post Types
  • Copy Paste WooCommerce Products
  • Copy Paste ACF
  • Copy Paste LearnDash Courses
  • Copy Paste Contact Form 7 Forms
  • Live Copy Paste Button
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