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Directual: Alternative to Ninex & DronaHQ

Directual is a full-stack app development platform that combines the power of traditional coding with a visual no-code approach
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$29 / One-Time $99 / Monthly
Deal Validity: Until April 7th
Exclusive Lifetime Deal on Directual, a No-Code Full-Stack App Development Tool.
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Tool Highlights
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  • Build scalable and sophisticated apps for web and Web3 on a no-code platform with an intuitive visual interface
  • Alternative to 8base, DronaHQ & Ninex
  • Integrate with other no-code tools like Webflow and Wix, or apply a traditionally-developed UI for web and mobile
  • Best for those who are looking for a full-stack app development platform
Tool Description
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Directual allows you to go beyond the minimum viable product, whether or not you’re into traditional coding. Manage your app and track everything on the main app dashboard, including your frontend, backend, and API layers.

You can also connect your app with site builders, CRMs, email platforms, messengers, social networks, and more. This platform’s intuitive tools allow you to configure your database with folders, data structures, object fields, and field groups.

Powered by Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, their NoSQL database is built to scale with your app, so it can handle millions of records with no issues. With the API builder, you can configure user-based access to certain fields with filters, keeping your data secure from unwanted eyes.

Directual also offers a generous affiliate program, which lets you earn up to 50% of client payments after referring others to the platform. Automate any backend app logic by building and interconnecting scenarios to create workflows.

You can set up event-based scenarios for processing objects and run scenarios according to your scheduling needs. Not only can you run scenarios in real-time, but each step will literally be completed in milliseconds.

Plus, you can interconnect multiple scenarios, linking workflows directly or with an event model. Design and create secure API endpoints to write and read your data, so it's easy to go mobile.

You can also connect the API with a user interface and choose from several options for building the front end of your app. Apply other no-code platforms, like UI Bakery, Webflow, and Wix. Or apply a traditionally-developed UI for web and mobile.

Connect your app with blockchain and Web3 to integrate with different networks, manage decentralized wallets, and monitor real-time transactions. Whether you’re a pro developer or someone who just likes to build apps for fun, Directual gives you the flexibility and scalability to create in a no-code format.

Video Source: AppSumo Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
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  • Setup Cloud Database: Directual provides a cloud-hosted scalable NoSQL database, which lets you easily store and sync data and files for your apps. Dealing with millions of records is absolutely OK for Directual.
  • Configure API & User Role Model: Create RESTful API for your app using Directual API-builder. You can implement filtering, sorting, paging, and strong user-based security for each of your API endpoints.
  • Build Backend Logic: Directual scenarios are the essence of the platform. You can automate any backend logic of your app by building and interconnecting these clear and intuitive workflows.
  • Design App Interface: Directual Web-page builder is a perfect tool for creating internal portals and back-office tools. Also, feel free to connect any other no-code tool or traditionally developed interface.
  • Connect Other Systems: Integrate your Directual-based apps with any third-party system using pre-built integrations (including Blockchain plugins), HTTP-request steps or webhooks.
Deal Type
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Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Directual
  • All Future Team Plan Updates
  • No Codes, No Stacking—just Choose the Plan That's Right for You
  • You Must Activate Your License Within 60 Days of Purchase
  • Ability to Upgrade/Downgrade Between 4 License Tiers
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Previous App Sumo Customers Will Be Grandfathered Into the New Feature Limits
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Plugins (up to 5 per app)
  • Web3 Plugins: NFT, MetaMask, WalletConnect, Ethereum, Near, and Polygon
  • Regular Web 2.0 Integrations
  • Swagger Support
  • Marketplace
  • Client Billing
  • Unlimited App Versions
  • JSON-Step
  • Reports
  • Advanced Scenario Settings and Advanced Security Features
  • On-Demand Resources
  • Synchronic Scenarios
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