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Cwicly Builder: Alternative to Greenshift & GenerateBlocks

Cwicly Builder is a fully optimized no-code WordPress tool designed for speed, flexibility, and performance.
Tool Highlights
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  • Design user-friendly professional no-code websites the right way
  • A fully optimized no-code WordPress tool designed for speed, flexibility, and performance
  • Alternative to Elementor, Webflow & Wix
  • Best for web  designers who are looking for an advanced no code website builder
Video Source: Cwicly Official YouTube Channel
Tool Description
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WordPress and Gutenberg are here to last and are already shaping the future of website building. So web builders should use Gutenberg to make sure your websites last -- saving time, money, and frustration, and future-proofing your clients, your work, and their future.

Cwicly is the only builder that interacts directly with the whole Gutenberg ecosystem and adds specialized blocks that are complementary and fully compatible with Gutenberg. Your clients deserve the best and need to be protected from esoteric outdated solutions. Using traditional builders nowadays is like sticking to a gas car in a world of energy innovation.

Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful tool.
  • Speed Tests Don’t Lie: Google loves fast websites. And it is human to find faster websites more reliable and professional. Cwicly caters to everybody.
  • +30 Pro Blocks: Cwicly comes with an extensive collection of carefully selected, specialized, and fully customizable blocks to cater to your every need.
  • Design Faster: Innovative and powerful global design features. Visual & responsive CSS editing.
  • Theme Builder: Enhance the WordPress Full Site Editing experience by applying conditions to templates. Use global headers, footers, and fragments to coordinate your site’s appearance.
  • Exclusive Innovations: Cwicly includes groundbreaking features that remove the need to rely on custom-coded solutions. Save dev time – and money.

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