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Advanced Scripts Lifetime Deal: Alternative to Code Snippets

Advanced Scripts helps website creators to make their website performance faster by reducing the number of plugins by using and organizing all the useful code snippets in a single place to make our lives easier.
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Tool Highlights
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  • With Advance Script you will be able to store all your code snippets in one place
  • Alternative to: Code Snippets
  • It has easy to use user interface which means you don't need to be an expert to use it properly
  • You can use Oxygen's global color within your custom CSS styles directly from the Advanced Scripts screen
Tool Description
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If you're a WordPress professional such as a web designer or developer who doesn't like to use plugins for every small thing and also doesn't want to mess with the website backend files using child themes then Advanced Scripts is the lifesaver for you.

You could consider Advanced Scripts as an alternative to Code Snippets Plugin but Advanced Scripts is way more powerful than the Code Snippets and other similar alternatives.

Video Source: Clean Plugins Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
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  • No More Bloated Plugins: With Advanced Scripts, you no longer need to manage your scripts using multiple plugins. Keep your custom code in one place.
  • PHP Like a Pro: With have options for both beginners to paste custom code snippets, and for experts to create advanced codes and control the website life cycle using custom hooks, dynamic callback functions, and execution priority.
  • Write SCSS or LESS: Besides custom CSS code, we give you the power of SCSS and LESS preprocessor in the online code editor. You no longer need to compile them locally and re-upload them on every change; the code will be transformed into standard CSS and added to the page output
  • Load External Resources: Skip the pain of registering and enqueuing scripts and styles using custom PHP code. With options to either paste a link from a CDN or upload and select files directly from the media library, we made it more convenient to load custom web fonts and external Javascript libraries.
  • HTML Tracking Snippets: If you need Google Analytics, HotJar, and other tracking tools, they all require separate plugins. To avoid further plugins or hacks, you can now paste the tracking code into a custom HTML script. You can also verify the ownership of a website within services like Google search console by pasting the provided meta tag.
  • Safe Mode: Have you always been careful while adding snippets to a WordPress live site? Say goodbye to the fear of breaking your websites due to a fatal error in custom PHP snippets! Simply write codes as you type content for your pages. In case of any failure, you get a link to turn on the safe mode and pause PHP code execution until you fix it.
  • Optimized User Interface: Advanced Scripts come with an intuitive user interface that makes you write fewer lines of code and follow the best practices. We designed and optimized the layout to be accessible on small and large screens. Such as tablets, laptops, and large monitors.
  • Oxygen Global Colors: You now have access to your Oxygen global colors palette within Advanced Scripts. You can use them in your CSS, SCSS, and LESS snippets. If you made any changes to the colors within the oxygen builder, all scripts using them would be updated, and all your custom styles will always match your global color scheme.
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • 30 Day MoneyBack Guarantee
Deal Features
  • No More Bloated Plugins
  • PHP Like a Pro
  • Write SCSS or LESS
  • Load External Resources
  • HTML Tracking Snippets
  • Safe Mode
  • Optimized User Interface
  • Oxygen Global Colors
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