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How to Create PODS Archive Templates with Oxygen Builder

If you're an Oxygen user and want to create a custom post type archive page using PODS, then in this post, I will teach you how to build just that with Oxygen.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: March 21, 2022
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If you're an Oxygen user and want to create a custom post-type archive page template using the most popular free plugin Pods Framework, then in this post, I will teach you how to create just that using the power of the Oxygen templates feature.

Also if you are curious to know how to create a single-page template using PODS custom fields with Oxygen then I have also covered that in my other post which you can find by clicking here.

So without further talking let's jump into the tutorial.

Setup A New Custom Post Type with PODS

If you are reading this post it means you already know how to create custom post types in PODS, for that reason I will not cover this in detail and would just fast forward the process.

First of all, open your WordPress Dashboard and hover over to the PODS Admin menu then click on the Add New menu option, now you will see a new window where you need to click on Create a New option.

After that select Custom Post Type (Like Posts or Pages) under the Content-Type drop-down menu, then fill-up, up the other two fields appropriately with the Singular and Plural names, in this case, suppose Review as singular and Reviews as the plural.

Once all is done just hit the Next Step button and your custom post type is ready to use.

Here we have to do one last thing which is to Enable the Archive page from the Advanced Options then Update the PODS and you are good to go.

PODS Archive Page Enable in Advanced Options Image - SyncWin
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The Navigation Should Look Like This

> WordPress Dashboard
> Hover over the PODS Admin menu
> Click on the Add New menu option
> Click on Create a New option
> Select Custom Post Type under the Content-Type drop-down menu
> Fill-up, up the other two fields appropriately
> Hit the Next Step button
> Enable the Archive page from the Advanced Options

Create A New Template in Oxygen

PODS Archive in Oxygen Templates Image - SyncWin
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Once you create your PODS custom post type the next step would be to open the WordPress dashboard then hover over to the Oxygen menu and just click on the templates.

As soon as you click on that option it will open up the template editing page, once you get there you can see a button called Add New Template, click that button.

Now you will see the template editor where you need to adjust the settings and assign the template with the custom post-type archive that you have just created.

First thing first, so add a title that will help you recognize the template for the particular custom post type you built, in this case, I am going to build a template for my CPT called "Reviews".

So the name of the template I would use is "Reviews Archive Template" in this case as I like to keep things in a well-organized manner, and I hope you do the same.

After that, you need to assign a predefined template to inherit the design, so I would select my Main Header & Footer Template in the Inherit Designs from the Other Templates field.

Next, you need to assign the custom post type archive with this template, so for that, just click to expand the Archive options panel under the Where Does This Template Apply section.

Once it's open then you need to select the Post Type checkbox and search for the post type you want to assign with this template using the dropdown field called Choose Custom Post Types, so here I will select Review.

One more thing, I always like to use the higher Template Priority for the custom post types to override the global default templates and prevent any overlapping, so I will add 10 as the priority for this template.

Once all these are done just hit the publish button and you are already done with assigning an Oxygen template with the PODS CPT archive of your choice, for this example, the Review post type archive is already assigned.

The Navigation Should Look Like This

> WordPress dashboard
> Hover over to the Oxygen menu
> Click on the templates
> Add New Template
> Add a title for your template
> Select a template in the Inherit Designs from Other Templates field
> Click to expand the Archive options under the Where Does This Template Apply section
> Select the Post Type checkbox
> Assign the post type from the dropdown called Choose Custom Post Types
> Add higher Template Priority like 10
> Hit the publish button

Archive | Toolonomy
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Design The Archive Template Page Using Oxygen Editor

Once you publish the page then hit the Edit with Oxygen button to complete the final step to showcase the PODS custom posts to the archive page and design them to look better.

As soon as you hit that button you will end up in the Oxygen editor window where you need to click the +Add button to add the components to the currently blank canvas.

So now search and add a Section Element to that blank canvas of Oxygen editor, next search for the Easy Post element, and add it under the section you added earlier.

Note: you won't see anything on this screen if you haven't published any post to your custom post type yet.

After that, you need to select a preset for the easy posts from the left panel Use the Preset dropdown field.

Once you're done with that then hit the Save button and our CPT Reviews Archive is ready.

Obviously, after that, you need to style the archive template to make it look better but what we planned is to set up a PODS archive page template with Oxygen has been done successfully.

Still, if you want me to cover the CSS styling part as well then please let me know in the comment box below.

The Navigation Should Look Like This

> Hit the Edit with Oxygen button
> Click the +Add button
> Add a Section Element to the Oxygen editor blank canvas
> Add the Easy Post element inside that section
> Select a preset for the easy posts from the Use Preset dropdown options
> Make changes to the page and design with CSS styling
> Hit the Save button


In this post, I have covered step by step process of creating a custom post archive with PODS using the Oxygen builder.

I hope it would be helpful for people like you who just started using Oxygen. If you think this tutorial is valuable which I believe you do, then please share it with the people you know who would be benefited from this post.

If you have anything to say or add to this topic then feel free to leave your comment below and add some value to the community.

Thank you for visiting!

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