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Oxygen Builder Learning Hubs: The Best Content Resources

If you're looking for learning hubs to learn about Oxygen Builder then you're in the right place as in this post I put together an ultimate list of learning hubs where you can learn everything about Oxygen.
Mohammed Wasim Akram
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Last Updated: March 21, 2022
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If you're looking for dedicated learning hubs to learn about Oxygen Builder then you have landed in the right place as in this post I put together an ultimate list of websites, Forums, and YouTube Channels where you can learn everything about Oxygen Builder.

Every other day I see people especially newcomers asking about places to learn about Oxygen and that is the main reason for writing this list post so that those people could find the links to all the learning hubs in a single place without any hassle.

You can also check my other resource lists about Oxygen Builder Addons as well as Oxygen Compatible Plugins.

Official Oxygen Builder

The best place to learn about Oxygen Builder is their own official documentation as well as their YouTube channel and everyone would tell you the same.

Even the most powerful products couldn't succeed with the lack of documentation and when you are talking about Oxygen then you will be amazed by their well-organized and super helpful documentation as well as the videos on their official YouTube channel.

Apart from their official documentation and YouTube channel you should also join their official Facebook group if you haven't yet as this is the place where you will get the most help related to any imaginable topic around oxygen from very supportive fellow community members.


Oxygen4Fun by Supa Mike is the first website that comes to my mind when I think about reading something about Oxygen as this website has multiple dozens of very helpful tutorials and guides exclusively for Oxygen Builder.

Once you visit the Oxygen4Fun website you would not want to leave this awesome site because of its awesome UI/UX and powerful content.


WPDevDesign by Sridhar Katakam is a membership website where you can learn various complex stuff around Oxygen Builder that you couldn't find elsewhere.

As I already informed you about the nature of this website so it is safe to assume that most of the content on this site would be paid yet there are many free tutorials available that could be helpful for you to learn about Oxygen.


Permaslug by Jonathan Jernigan is a learning hub where you can learn various helpful stuff about Oxygen Builder on their website as well as on the YouTube channel.

Jonathan the author of Permaslug has also a few tutorial videos on the official Oxygen YouTube Channel and also he has a dedicated Oxygen Builder Couse which could be helpful if you want to learn all in one place in an organized manner.


OxyWP is an underrated learning hub by Alexander Buzmakov who is a well-known contributor to the Oxygen community.

I don't see people talking about OxyWP much but trust me this is a hidden gem where you can learn some very useful stuff about Oxygen Builder.


Isotropic is a learning hub by my good friend James LePage where you can find different topics around WordPress to learn about but James also publishes regular content around Oxygen builder on his website as well as on the YouTube channel.

I enjoy consuming his stuff and I promise you would love his content as well.

Apex Web

Apex Web is a learning hub by my good friend Alec Gall where you can find multiple tutorials, reviews, and list posts around Oxygen Builder.

This website is not updated frequently with the latest content but whatever content it has is really helpful if you want to learn about Oxygen.

Fabrizio Van Marciano

Fabrizio Van Marciano is a YouTuber and blogger who also runs his blog and YouTube channel with the same name.

I found a few great in-depth tutorials and videos around Oxygen Builder under his learning hub therefore I added him to this list so that you could find his useful content when in need.


Oxystuff is a dedicated well-organized directory website for Oxygen Builder run by Simon Kress who is also the developer of Dashboard Switcher.

This website has hundreds of curated listings where you can find different stuff about Oxygen such as tutorials, code snippets, products etcetera.

I love this directory website as whenever I have to find something quickly related to Oxygen then I go through the listings of Oxystuff to find things with less hassle.


OxyFAQ is a website by Isabelle de Maublanc dedicated to answering the frequently asked questions about Oxygen Builder by the user community.

The best thing about this website is that it briefly answers the FAQs and then links out to an article on a different website written by anyone from the Oxygen community contributors.

Resources for Oxygen Builder

Resources for Oxygen Builder is a dedicated Facebook group run by Isabelle de Maublanc to curate and discuss information only about Oxygen Resources such as tutorials, videos, products, code snippets etcetera.

I would highly recommend you to join this group to stay updated with the new and existing useful learning materials for Oxygen Builder.

Oxygen Resources

Oxygen Resources Trello Board by Amanda Lucas is the first place that comes to my mind when someone asks about the resources of Oxygen Builder.

This Trello board is managed by other community contributors like Sridhar and Mike and here you will find various kinds of resources listed for Oxygen such as websites, FAQs, blog posts, code snippets, videos, and products etcetera.


Last but not least learning hub for Oxygen Builder is this very website Toolonomy where I publish different types of content like tutorials, reviews, comparisons, deals, etcetera on a few topics such as Web Strategy, WordPress, and Oxygen Builder.

I have published a handful of content around Oxygen Builder which you may find helpful especially if you're new to Oxygen space.


In this resource post I have listed all the Oxygen Learning Hubs I know about to help the community and make their lives a little easier, you will find this post really helpful if you are a new member of the Oxygen community and you want to learn more about it.

I hope and believe you found this post valuable and if I am right then I would like to ask you to share it with your friends and community to help them out as well.

Also if you like my content then consider joining the Toolonomy Community for more content and discussion around various topics such as Web Strategy, WordPress, and Oxygen Builder.

In case I missed out on something or you want to say something then feel free to leave your kind words in the comment box below to add some value.

Thank you for visiting!

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2 years ago

Men this post is amazing! Now I have dozens of resources for learn more about Oxygen! Thanks Very Much!

Humberto Aranda
1 year ago

I am building a page where I intend to compile content about Oxygen Builder, I hope you find it useful, Regards.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge

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