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Fix the Unclosed Broken Oxygen Builder Pro Menu on Safari

Authored by: Mohammed Wasim Akram
Last Updated on: March 21, 2022

If you are facing an issue where the menu built with the Oxygen Builder pro menu element is broken and always open in the Apple Safari Browser then this tutorial will help you fix just that using a simple CSS.

The Unclosed Broken Pro Menu Issue

Check out the below image to see the actual issue where the sub-menu items are kind of distorted and always open without even hovering over the menu items.

Pro Menu Issue in Safari Browser - Image - SyncWIn

I would like to shout out and give thanks to my good friend Matt Hias who multiple times reminded me to fix the issue but I don't have a Mac computer and also I was too lazy to fix the issue so I always ignored it because I never find the same issue on other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Reason for The Unclosed Broken Pro Menu Issue

According to Matt the reason for this broken menu could be the default Oxygen Pro Menu CSS which is rotateX(100deg) that you can see in the below image to understand the issue more clearly.

Pro Menu Issue in Safari Browser DevTool - Image - SyncWIn

Fix for The Unclosed Broken Pro Menu Issue with a CSS Snippet

So now you know the reason then by now you might be understood that the fix should be simple and just changing the 100deg to 90deg should do the trick.

Thankfully, Matt took his precious time to debug the issue and provided me with the CSS snippet which eventually fixed the Pro Menu issue on the Safari browser though it took a few trials and errors.

Check out the CSS snippet by clicking on the button below button and add the snippet to your website either from the WordPress customizer Additional CSS, Oxygen Stylesheet, Advanced Scripts, or Scripts Organizer.

You can find the result of fixing the Oxygen broken Pro menu on Safari Browser in the below screenshot which is also taken from a Safari browser as the other screenshots.

Fixed Pro Menu Issue in Safari Browser - Image - SyncWIn


In this post, I have covered how to fix the unclosed broken Oxygen pro menu on the Safari browser using a CSS snippet.

If you found this post helpful then consider sharing it with your friends and community so that they also get some help out of it as I am sure that I am not the only person who was facing this issue.

Also if you have to ask or say something regarding this post then please use the comment box below to add more value to the community.

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