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Ultimate List of Oxygen Builder Addons [Free & Paid]

Authored by: Mohammed Wasim Akram
Last Updated on: March 21, 2022

If you are an Oxygen Builder user and looking for a place to explore all the free and paid add-ons exclusively developed for Oxygen, then you are in the right place as this ultimate resource list post is going to be your final destination.

I have added all the available Oxygen add-ons in the main two categories:

  • Multi-Purpose Add-Ons
  • Single-Purpose Add-Ons

Please note that a few plugins from this list are either replaced by Oxygen Core features or abandoned by their developers.

However, I am still going to keep them on this list but I will make sure to add the proper notes for those plugins to make you aware of the current status.

Multi-Purpose Oxygen Addons

All the Oxygen addons under this category are available to purchase either for a one-time cost or with a yearly subscription and made for multi-purpose usage.

Hydrogen Pack

Hydrogen Pack - Oxgen Add-On - Featured Image - SyncWin

Hydrogen Pack is my personal favorite Oxygen add-on which makes our lives much easier by providing multiple powerful features like copy & paste, sandbox, necessary hotkeys, and right-click shortcuts that you could not find in any of the Oxygen add-ons as well as in the Oxygen builder itself.

Swiss Knife

Swiss Knife Featured Image - SyncWin

Extend oxygen experience with the swiss knife with the features like the dark theme, light theme, faster top bar, structure icons, Custom structure width and debug.

Oxy ToolBox

Oxy ToolBox - Oxgen Add-On - Featured Image - SyncWin

Oxy ToolBox is also my favorite Oxygen add-on which I install on all of my Oxygen websites as it provides so many features and improvements to Oxygen builder that are necessary but still missing from the core.

Editor Enhancer

Editor Enhancer Featured Image - SyncWin

Editor Enhancer is the only plugin that helps you enhance the power of Oxygen by adding so many useful customization features and completely changing the entire look of the default editor of Oxygen Builder.


OxyPowerPack - Oxgen Add-On - Featured Image - SyncWin

OxyPowerPack offers multiple useful elements like contact form builder, parallax effects, animated headings, and much more that you can use to build powerful complex websites without even touching the codes.


OxyExtras Featured Image - SyncWin

OxyExtras adds multiple new, flexible components to help build more of your project visually & speed up your workflow.

Oxy Agency Tools

Oxy Agency Tools - Featured Image - SyncWin

The missing tool for rapid and consistent development of websites with the Oxygen Builder - perfect for freelancer and agency workflows

Oxy Ultimate

Oxy Ultimate - Featured Image - SyncWin

Oxy Ultimate is an Oxygen add-on that offers a suite of unique elements that are not available in the Oxygen core but are crucial to building complex websites if you don't want to touch codes.

Single-Purpose Oxygen Addons

All the Oxygen addons under this category are available to purchase either for a one-time cost or with a yearly subscription and also dedicated for single-purpose usage.


Collaboration - Featured Image - SyncWin

Sync all your oxygen builder design work progress between all browser tabs. This solution is covering the partial case of Multi-User Editing & Edit Locking.

DPlugins Sandbox

Ultimate List of Oxygen Builder Addons [Free & Paid] | Toolonomy

dPlugins Sandbox is an isolated environment for the Oxygen Builder and other WordPress Visual Builder plugins.

Any change you made to the Oxygen Builder plugin’s settings (plugin setting and global style), post (all WordPress Visual Builder related MetaPost) will be isolated until you published it.


Nimbufy - Featured Image - SyncWin

Bring any webpage layout into Oxygen builder for WordPress and start customizing in no time. Stop wasting time trying to do it the 'right way'. Use Nimbufy with Oxygen builder.

Oxygen Attributes

Oxygen Attributes - Oxgen Add-On - Featured Image - SyncWin

The way our solution handles the attributes makes all the difference. It offers a centralized attributes manager, more field controls, CSS properties, target sub-elements, and much more.

Oxy Transfer


Use Oxy Transfer Pro to export and import Oxygen Builder’s design sets, templates, and block library.

This plugin allows you to zip up a clone of your Oxygen site (Design Sets/ Template/Block Library) to be easily imported using even the free version of the Oxy Transfer plugin.

No more hassles, you can now easily import and export from your local or staging to your production sites. Simply download the pro version and start to import and export your design sets which you now can easily sell as well.

No more sharing your keys or anything. On the plugin setting page just click export and that is it, you will have your zip file ready which you can import using the Oxy Transfer free version.

Oxy Copy Paste

Oxy Copy Paste - Featured Image - SyncWin

Introducing a cutting-edge plugin that makes life easy when copying over the site from staging or local to server, works best in a scenario where you just want to move a single block/component.

It can be from one website to another or simply from one template to another template on the same page.

You can copy Conditions, Styles, or Full Element

Grid Controls

Grid Controls - Featured Image - SyncWin

Grid Controls adds grid inputs and buttons functionality to many components in Oxygen Builder's advanced tabs. Some can be grid parents, others grid children. DIVs are special, as they can be either.

Dashboard Customizer

Dashboard Customizer - Featured Image - SyncWin

Now you can style the most popular admin dashboard widgets in Oxygen Builder! Add links directly to admin pages using the Admin Link Wrapper component.

Oxy Class Act

Oxy Class Act - Featured Image - SyncWin

This plugin lets you move or copy the styles associated with id or a class of any element to a new class.

Oxy Cleaner

Oxy Cleaner - Featured Image - SyncWin

This plugin lets you rename and remove unused classes in Oxygen.

Oxy Undo

Oxy Undo - Featured Image - SyncWin

Oxy Undo lets you undo and redo user actions in Oxygen.

The plugin adds Undo and Redo buttons to the right of the + Add button in the Oxygen builder. Also lets you automatically save your work in the Oxygen editor.

Note: This plugin was launched when there were no Undo & Redo features exist in the Oxygen editor but now this feature has been officially introduced to the Oxygen core thus using this makes no sense anymore.

Live Editor PRO for Oxygen

Live Editor Pro - Featured Image - SyncWin

The simplest way for your customers to edit their websites...EVER! Live Editor PRO makes it so easy for customers to edit their websites, even 1st graders can do it!


The Lost Asura - Oxgen Add-On - Featured Image - SyncWin

Easily sell and manage your design sets for oxygen builder.

Asura provides a complete license key generation, activation, and checking system. It allows you to provide license keys that can then be used to access your design sets.


OxyNinja - Featured Image - SyncWin

A framework, an extensive design library, and a faster way of building beautiful sites with a consistent look.

The core is a powerful design set for your Oxygen projects. It uses well-defined utility classes and a CSS grid to save you time prototyping a site structure and make global changes quickly.

It also empowers Oxygen Builder using a favorite Core framework & WooCommerce focused design set.

WooCore adds carousels to repeaters, a mini-cart to the header, the second image on hover, and more.

Click here to explore the dedicated list of design template add-ons that I have listed in my other resource post.


Ultimate List of Oxygen Builder Addons [Free & Paid] | Toolonomy

Premium Oxygen builder design sets marketplace.

Reduce your web design production time by half without loss of quality or creative output. The first premium Oxygen design sets the marketplace to help make your life easier. Our design sets and plugins will jump-start your web design projects and set you apart from the rest.

Click here to explore the dedicated list of design template add-ons that I have listed in my other resource post.


OxyMade - Featured Image - SyncWin

Beautiful Design Kits & Framework for Oxygen.

With our Tailwind CSS-based Oxygen CSS Framework and beautifully crafted premium Oxygen design kits, now anyone can create better & beautiful websites at 10x speed.

Click here to explore the dedicated list of design template add-ons that I have listed in my other resource post.

Oxy Clarity

Oxy Clarity - Featured Image - SyncWin

Oxygen Workflow enhancement plugin to makes things easy for you. Simply press alt-click, on any of the properties, and it will bring up the exact location, where the property is specified. If you click on the listed item, it will take you to the exact class or ID, where the property is specified.

Click here to explore the dedicated list of design template add-ons that I have listed in my other resource post.


Dezign4Fun - Featured Image - SyncWin

A unique collection of Design Sets for Oxygen Builder.
Featuring some weird and never seen effects that will impress your clients (or not)!

Click here to explore the dedicated list of design template add-ons that I have listed in my other resource post.

Oxy Dev Wall

Oxy Dev Wall lets you build Oxygen templates behind the scenes, and only shows Oxygen to signed-in admin users. Unregistered, non-admin users will see the site as generated by the theme or other builders.

Only you and other admins will be able to build your Oxygen templates, apply them, and view them on the front end. Changing any content will also be visible on the front end for all users, so this really helps with templating and design ONLY.

  • Free Version:
  • Paid Version: Not Available
  • Oxygen Mobile Sub Menu

    This plugin allows you to add submenu toggle functionality to your site created in Oxygen.

    See demo for a working example.

    (designed as a temporary solution until something similar is added to Oxygen, if that happens... just uninstall this plugin before updating to the next Oxygen version)

    There are no settings or setup. The plugin is intentionally simple and just adds basic styling and some JS to add the toggle buttons. You can style the sub menu however you want using the Oxygen UI.

    Toolbar Extras for Oxygen Builder

    Quick Access to Your Oxygen Site Building Resources – Big Time Saver. Perfect for Non-Techies and Non-Coder Designers.

    This smart WordPress plugin just adds some missed and very useful Oxygen-specific admin links to your Toolbar / Admin Bar.

    Save scrolling travel and time. Access settings and content pages faster from one central area in the Admin Dashboard AND when on the frontend of your site. Plus few optimizations for Oxygen’s own Toolbar within the Builder.

    Oxygen No JS

    If you view your Oxygen site without JS enabled (which is how a small % of site visitors will see it) you may have some of your site that doesn't look right or isn't visible at all.

    The slider elements can be all stacked on top of each other, elements that you have fade-in type scroll animations can be completely invisible with opacity stuck at 0 and any other JS dependant elements you've added can be unreadable and a mess.

    This plugin provides basic fallback styles for Oxygen components and allows you to target the elements of your site using a no-js body class.

    This is useful for adding/removing elements that won't make sense without JS enabled (eg hidden slider elements, elements from third-party JS plugins..) and allows you an easy way to provide simple alternatives for non-js users while hiding these from users that do have JS enabled.

    At the least, I recommend ensuring all of your content is available/visible to site visitors whether they have JS enabled or not.

    Woo Conditions for Oxygen

    This plugin adds Woocommerce-focused conditions to Oxygen to help you build more dynamic e-commerce sites. Ideal for hiding/showing content across your Oxygen site to the right users at the right time.

    Oxygen EDD Template Support

    Usually, to customize the default templates/shortcodes for Easy Digital Downloads you need a theme to add the template files to. With this plugin, you don't need a theme. Built especially for Oxygen where the theme is completely disabled.

    Simply add your customized EDD template files for the checkout shortcodes, purchase history, edit profile, etc inside the /edd_templates/ directory inside this plugin.

    Back to Oxygen Templates

    Adds Templates and Pages menu items under the "Back to WP" menu in Oxygen's editor. Clicking on it takes you back to the Templates listing page in the WordPress admin.

    Oxygen Block Lab Support

    Block lab is a free plugin that offers an easy way to add custom Gutenberg blocks to WordPress. By default, a theme is needed to store the template files for each block.

    This plugin simply allows you to add your new block templates without the need for a theme. Built especially for Oxygen where the theme is completely disabled.

    Oxygen RCP Template Support

    Usually, to customize the default templates for Restrict Content Pro you need a theme to add the template files to. With this plugin, you don't need a theme. Built especially for Oxygen where the theme is completely disabled.

    Simply add your customized RCP template files for the registration form, profile form, login form, etc inside the /RCP/ folder located inside this plugin to override the defaults. Everything will work the same as it would if you were using a theme.

    Oxygen Responsive Menu

    Implements Superfish + ResponsiveMenus.js + CSS-animated hamburger in Oxygen.

    At the responsive breakpoint (959px by default), the menu will collapse into a hamburger (with the word Menu to its right). Tapping on the menu toggle button will smoothly slide open the menu and the hamburger will animate into an x.

    Menu items that have children will have a down arrow which when tapped will expand to show the sub-menu. Tapping on the up arrow will collapse the sub-menu.

    It is also possible to expand the menu without it pushing the page content below by uncommenting lines 193-198 in main.css.

    Oxygen Tree Opener

    A WordPress plugin that automatically opens the Structure (DOM tree) panel when Oxygen's editor is launched.

    Oxygen Editor Links

    Adds a convenient drawer (appears on hovering a thin horizontal bar) having links to view in Frontend, Admin, Settings, Stylesheets, and Selectors in Oxygen.

    Oxygen - Currently Editing

    You go to the list of Oxygen Templates. You click on one. You click on Edit with Oxygen. You are mesmerized by the user-friendliness of the Oxygen controls and go building your site visually while appreciating all the while how awesome the built-in Flexbox engine is.

    You have finished building a few Sections and then it strikes you “What am I editing exactly?”. Is it the Main Template or is it the Page Template or something else?

    This plugin adds the name of the current Template or Page or any other kind of entry that is currently being edited to the left of the Structure button in Oxygen’s editor interface.

    Oxygen Repeater Fix (Duplicated IDs)

    This plugin fix duplicated IDs generated by the Oxygen Repeater element. This plugin doesn't modify any of the Oxygen functionality. It just modifies the output, the HTML and CSS code, using simple preg_replace.

    Oxygen Checkpoints

    Create checkpoints of your oxygen state in the builder and revert to any checkpoint anytime.

    In the Oxygen Builder. Click on Manage -> Checkpoints. Whenever you add a checkpoint, it will store the current state of your layout.

    You can create as many checkpoints as you require. However, a huge number of checkpoints on large layouts will eat a lot of memory, so use wisely.

    Oxygen Yoast SEO

    Includes WordPress content in Yoast's SEO analysis when using Oxygen.

    Load Oxygen Locally

    As you may know, Oxygen loads some assets from different CDNs.

    For example, everything from is blocked in China so we must use a VPN just to run Oxygen.

    All these files are now included with this plugin so they can be loaded locally.

    Oxygen also uses the Google font Source Sans Pro for his UI.
    With this plugin, Oxygen will only use the WordPress default font instead. This is actually pretty similar to Source Sans Pro so you won't see a huge difference.

    Oxygen Sass

    A companion plugin to WP-SCSS for working with Sass (.scss format) in Oxygen.

    Oxygen – Browser Detect

    This plugin registers a custom condition named browser using which elements in Oxygen visual site builder can be set to be output conditionally depending on the visitor’s browser.

    Oxygen – Rank Math Integration

    This plugin enables Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress to parse text inside the Oxygen editor for Pages and Posts. There are no settings for the plugin.

    Just install and activate to make Rank Math include Oxygen editor content in its content analysis.

    RTL Support for Oxygen Builder

    RTL Support for Oxygen Builder is a plugin that allows us to use RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu etcetera in the Oxygen editor.

    Oxygen – Essentials

    This plugin enables HTML5 support for elements like the search form and adds (what I consider to be) some essential CSS – for example, to make all the images responsive when using the Oxygen visual site builder.

    Customize Oxygen Builder

    A helper plugin to customize the Oxygen Builder site. Originally Oxygen Builder is not using the WP Themes. Therefore you can't use the functions.php file and add the custom PHP codes.

    Inside the builder has the CODE BLOCK elements and writes the PHP code, but sometimes it will not be a suitable option (when you are adding the bunch of codes, customizing the plugin's templates, etc.).

    Oxygen Navigator

    This plugin adds Templates and Pages in the Toolbar for editing the selected item with Oxygen directly.

    The top-level Templates and Pages admin bar menu items link to corresponding listing pages in the WordPress admin.

    Oxygen Custom Toolbar

    Adds a sliding-down panel for quickly adding elements in Oxygen's editor.

    Note: This plugin has not been updated or maintained by the author anymore thus it is not recommended to use it on a production site.

    Oxygen Theme Enabler

    A WordPress plugin that makes it possible to use the active WordPress theme when Oxygen is active.

    This plugin adds a new setting page which can be accessed at Oxygen > Theme Enabler. Here, you can select whether you want to use the theme or Oxygen for most of your site's pages.

    Oxygen Sidebar Toggler

    Adds Show, Hide buttons in the Oxygen's editor. The Hide button hides the left sidebar. The Show button displays the controls.

    Note: This plugin was born to solve a problem but fortunately Oxygen again added the feature to the core that this plugin introduced.


    Melati provides a simple site key generation which allows you to provide individual site keys that can then be used to access your design sets.


    – Site keys generator
    – Multiple site key
    – Revoke the site key

    OXY Re-Login Window

    This free plugin presents a login window right inside Oxygen Builder when the WordPress session expires, to avoid losing your work because of the infamous Oxygen “Error 200” while saving.

    OxyGridLayout by OxyNinja

    Simple grid layout for Oxygen Builder. Similar as you can find in Adobe XD/Sketch/Figma.


    I have tried my best to cover almost all the Oxygen Builder Addons to this resource post, still, if you find something is missing from this list then feel free to let me know and I will add that to this list if it belongs here.

    Also if you're looking for a resource where you can find all the reliable Oxygen compatible WordPress plugins, then click on the hyperlink to explore my other post exactly on this topic.

    Apart from that if you're also interested in exploring the 3rd party design templates add-ons for Oxygen, then click on the hyperlink to visit that page.

    However, if you think this post is valuable and helpful then you can bookmark and share it with your community as I will keep it updated whenever I find something new in the Oxygen arena.

    Source: Oxygen Builder Resources Trello Board.

    A Google & HubSpot Certified Digital Marketing Specialist, Self-Taught WordPress Expert, Useful BizDev (Business Development) Tools & Deals Explorer, and the Founder of SyncWin & Toolonomy.

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    There are alternative solutions.

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