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Insider Freebies: Dedicated to Our Community

Authored by: Mohammed Wasim Akram
Last Updated on: March 21, 2022

This is our small contribution to the community, in this resource post we are going to provide the freebies including plugins settings import files, starter theme, templates, custom plugins, and other stuff to make your life a little easier.

Everything on this page is absolutely free to download and you can use them for your personal or client projects without any limitation.

Also, I want to clarify that a few of the links on this post could be affiliate links and if you use them to make the purchase we will get a small amount of commission without any additional cost to you, which helps and encourages us to create more helpful content like this.

Disclaimer: It is not allowed to use any of the items from this page for selling purposes to make money out of them unethically.

Freebies for Oxygen Users

In this section we have put together a few small free gifts with love just for the Oxygen Community, I hope you would like and use them on your projects.

Also if you want to learn more about Oxygen Builder then you would find these links really helpful:

Oxygen Posts:
Oxygen Tutorials:

Oxygen Builder Official Website:

ThemeLess Theme for The Oxygen Builder

If you're looking for a barebone theme to use that with Oxygen Builder then we are sharing the lightweight custom theme that we use on all of our sites built with Oxygen.

This theme is made using the Underscore Starter theme generator by Automattic Contraption which is also the parent company of WordPress.

In case if you also want to create your own theme then head over to their website and create one for yourself. But if you don't want to put any effort into this, then feel free to download our theme file using the button below.

Steps to Install The Theme

> Login to WordPress Dashboard
> Hover over Appearance menu link from the left admin menu
> Click on the Themes menu link under it
> Click the Upload button on top of the page
> Now click the Upload Theme button
> Choose the theme file you have downloaded and hit the Install Now button
> Now click the Activate link and you are good to go!

Password: 123456 (Use this password on the download page to access the file)

Icon with Buttons Template for Oxygen Builder

Beautiful Buttons with Icons in Oxygen - Image - SyncWin
Icon Buttons Template

I hope you have read my post about how to create a button with icons in 3 simple steps, and hopefully, now you know how to create an icon button in Oxygen.

But you might don't have enough time to reinvent the wheel and you just want the ready-to-use template file to use it on your projects and customize it as per your likings.

Then no worries as I have brought the source code of Oxygen icon buttons here from that tutorial which you can use on your projects absolutely for free.

To import this template either you need to use Hydrogen Pack (Paid) or the Hydrogen Paste (Free) plugin, so please install any of them and then follow the steps below.

Steps to Install The Theme

> Login to WordPress Dashboard
> Open the Oxygen Editor for the page where you want to import this template
> After that select a section and use the keyboard keys CTRL+V on Windows and Command+V on the Mac to paste the template.
> That's it! Now you should see the template on your page.


FAWPI Plugin for Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Icon List Mockup - Image - SyncWin
Custom FontAwesome Icons

If you want to display different Font Awesome icons from their icon library which is not available in the Oxygen builder, then you need some workaround to make it work or those icons wouldn't be visible.

I have already written a tutorial that could help you create an Icon List in Oxygen with simple steps, it can also clear your concept about this topic.

However, there are a few solutions that can be used to fix this issue.

  • You can use snippets using a plugin like Advanced Scripts (Paid) or Code Snippets (Free)
  • You can upload the custom icon set to Oxygen following this tutorial
  • You can use Load FontAwesome4 Locally to display all FontAwesome 4 icons.
  • And last but not least you can install our FAWPI Plugin to make the icons display even without loading them locally

Password: 123456 (Use this password on the download page to access the file)

Freebies for Piotnet Forms Users

In this section we have put together a few small free gifts with love just for the Piotnet Community, I hope you would like and use them on your projects.

If you haven't used Piotnet Forms yet then check my in-depth review about this form builder plugin.

Piotnet Forms Free Version:
Piotnet Forms Paid Version:

Steps to Import The Template

> Login to WordPress Dashboard
> Hover over Piotnet Forms menu link from the left admin menu
> Then click on the Import menu link just under it
> Now Choose File from your computer that you have downloaded
> Then hit the Import button
> That's it! You're done.

Basic Contact Form Template for Piotnet Forms

Insider Freebies: Dedicated to Our Community | Toolonomy
Basic Contact Form

If you're looking for a ready-to-use template for the Piotnet Forms then you are free to use our template that we have made just for you.

This is a basic template that contains fields including Name, Email, Subject, and Text Area. We are using this same form template on our contact page at this moment.

Feel free to download and use this template on your personal or commercial projects without any problem.

Basic Opt-In Form Template for Piotnet Forms

Opt-in Form Template 1 - Piotnet Forms - SyncWin

If you're looking for a ready-to-use Opt-In Form template for the Piotnet Forms then you are free to use our template that we have made just for you.

This is a basic template that contains fields including Name and Email just to capture the name and email address for email marketing purposes.

Feel free to download and use this template on your personal or commercial projects without any problem.

Freebies for Swift Performance Users

In this section we have put together a few small free gifts with love just for the Swift Community, I hope you would like and use them on your projects.

Swift Performance Free Version:
Swift Performance Paid Version:

Swift Performance Plugin Settings File

Find the settings import file for the Swift Performance caching plugin that we use on multiple sites including our client's sites.

Most of the settings used in our site and also in this import file are inspired by this mind-blowing Swift Performance Setup Guide by none other than WPJohnny, if you want to play around with the Swift settings yourself then just click on the hyperlink to follow the entire guide.

Note: These settings are tested only on the Apache webserver so if you are planning to use it on any other servers, then I would recommend you test it first on the staging site.

Steps to Import The Settings

> Login to WordPress Dashboard
> Hover over Tools menu link from the left admin menu
> Click on the Swift Performance menu link
> Click on the Settings tab of Swift
> Click on the Import/Export menu link from the bottom of the menu
> Now click on the import submenu link under the Import/Export menu
> Choose or drag and import the file provided here
> Click the import button on the popup window
> After that click the Save Changes button and Clear Cache
> That's it! You're done.


We are going to keep adding new stuff that we like and use on our projects, also we will keep updating the already added files when it's necessary.

If you like this resource post and find it valuable then keep sharing with your friends and community so that they also can take benefit from this useful free stuff.

Apart from that if you have any feedback about this freebie resource post then feel free to leave that in the comment box below, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot for visiting our website

A Google & HubSpot Certified Digital Marketing Specialist, Self-Taught WordPress Expert, Useful BizDev (Business Development) Tools & Deals Explorer, and the Founder of SyncWin & Toolonomy.

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