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Ultimate List of Elementor Add-Ons (Free & Paid)

Authored by: Mohammed Ishan Akram
Last Updated on: March 21, 2022

One of the best things about Elementor, the WordPress Website Builder, is the ease with which it can be extended. There are a lot of add-ons for the page builder, some of which extend its functionality, while others help with specific tasks and this post is dedicated to listing all those addons in one single place.

This list post will contain all the absolutely Free as well as the Paid Elementor Add-ons. For your information, most of the addons have Free+Paid versions but some of them might have either only the free or the paid version available.

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So let's get started...

ACF Frontend (Free+Paid)

ACF Frontend -Featured Image - SyncWin

An ACF extension that allows you to easily display ACF frontend forms for your users in the Elementor Editor so your users can edit content by themselves from the frontend.

AnyWhere Elementor (Free+Paid)

AnyWhere -Featured Image - SyncWin

Allows you to insert elementor pages, library templates, and global templates anywhere using shortcodes. Now create global elementor sections. Change at one place and reflect everywhere.

All in One Widgets (Paid)

Help you to add Expand Grid, Image Hotspot with Tooltip, Flip Box, Card Slider, Before & After, iHover, Timeline, Float Block etc in Elementor Page Builder. Now you can get it as 15% off budget, more widgets are on the way as free update.

Carolentor (Paid)

Carolentor is an advanced Slider and Carousel addons for the Elementor page builder. It has 8 Sliders and Carousels (Banner/Hero Slider, Content Slider, Interactive Testimonial Carousel, Gallery/Thumb Carousel, Posts Carousel, Review Carousel, Team Carousel, and Brand Carousel) with huge customization ability.

Cowidgets (Free)

Cowidgets - Featured - Image - SyncWin

High-Quality Elementor Widgets, Header & Footer Builder for Elementor, Modern Sliders & Project Galleries – all for FREE.

Powerful Elementor widgets to create outstanding websites. CoWidgets plugins come with Elementor widgets, blocks for headers, content, and footer. Grab more than 100+ unique Styles & Blocks for building modern websites.

Cursors Pack (Paid)

If you need a custom cursor for some elements to show. Cursors pack may solve this kind of need. Cause it has a huge collection of icons to use as a custom cursor. You also can change the color and the shadow of the cursor as you like. If you need to change the cursor size of the specific element then you could with this.

Designer Powerup (Paid)

Designer Powerup - Featured Image - SyncWin

Designer Powerup for Elementor adds advanced design capabilities and faster workflow features to the Elementor editor. This is different than any other add-on — No generic widgets, but special features just for professional Elementor designers.

Droit Addons (Free+Paid)

Droit Addons - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Droit Elementor Addons is an extension for the Elementor Page Builder Plugin. It will amplify your web design experience. It comes with resourceful widgets, a preset library, on-demand asset loading, and more.

Each widget of the addons contains versatile presets that you can use inside WordPress and Elementor. Designing a WordPress website will be super easy with Droit Elementor Addons.

Dynamic Content (Paid)

Dynamic Content -Featured Image - SyncWin

The most unique toolkit for Elementor for creating powerful websites and professional content. Dynamic Content for Elementor unlocks the power of Custom Post Types, custom fields, taxonomies, media formats, users, and roles. You get more done when your tools work together.

Easy Elementor Addons (Free)

Easy Elementor Addons - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Easy Elementor Addons is an all in one element pack extension for Elementor page builder. It provides 40 creative widgets to provide an outstanding look to your Elementor based WordPress website. The elements are multi concept and contain amazing features to make your website more effective by placing the spectacular widgets and enhance the engagement rate.

Elementor Custom Skin (Free+Paid)

Elementor Custom Skin - Featured - Image - SyncWin

This plugin adds new skin to Elementor Page Builder Posts and Posts Archive widget. You can design a loop item just like a single template and it would be used as skin so you can be able to create a post grid the way you like.

Elementor Addon Elements (Free)

Elementor Addon Elements - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Add more power to your Elementor page builder experience by using our 24+ easy-to-use widgets and extensions.
Incorporate these creative elements in your WordPress website, to make it look more attractive and accessible than before.

Elementor Pro Form Widget (Paid)

Elementor Pro Form Widget - Featured Image - SyncWin

Elementor Pro Form Widget Zoho CRM & Zoho Desk Integration is a Zoho CRM & Zoho Desk integration plugin for WordPress that makes it really simple to send your Elementor Pro Form Widget forms directly to your Zoho CRM or Zoho Desk account.

After the integration, submited the form are automatically added as lead, contact or case (in Zoho CRM, custom modules are also supported) or ticket (in Zoho Desk) to the specified account in Zoho CRM (or Zoho Desk), together with additional data.

Element Pack (Free+Paid)

Element Pack - Featured Image - SyncWin

Element Pack for Elementor includes the most commonly used elements (called widgets) that help you easily manage your website content by simply using the drag and drop ability. There is absolutely no programming knowledge required, seriously!

Elements kit (Free+Paid)

Elements kit - Featured Image - SyncWin

ElementsKit is an ultimate All in one addons for Elementor Page Builder. It includes the most comprehensive modules, such as Header Footer Builder, Mega Menu Builder Layoutkit, etc under the one hood.

It has 55+ custom widgets to create any site with ease. It has some most unique and powerful custom controls for Elementor, such as Image Picker, Ajax Select2, Advanced Widget, and many more.

Envato Elements (Free+Paid)

Envato Elements - Featured Image - SyncWin

Create professional WordPress websites faster than ever with the Envato Elements WordPress plugin. Join 200,000+ website creators – Browse and import Elementor Templates and premium stock photos without leaving WordPress.

Essential Addons (Free+Paid)

Essential Addons - Featured Image - SyncWin

Enhance your Elementor page-building experience with 70+ creative elements and extensions. Add powers to your page builder using our easy-to-use elements that were designed to make your next WordPress page and post design easier and prettier than ever before.

Exclusive Addons (Free+Paid)

Exclusive Addons - Featured Image - SyncWin

Exclusive Addons for Elementor is the all-in-one solution for building websites with Elementor. It gives you the ability to build a sophisticated website with the highest number of optionalities. Packed with 85+ fully functional widgets and extensions, the plugin is well-optimized to help you build superfast websites with ease.

Exclusive Addons comes with elements like Lottie Animation, Demo Previewer, Mega Menu widget, and a bunch of WooCommerce widgets

Header-Footer builder, Cross-Site Copy Paste, Sticky extension will give you options to add user-friendly functionalities to your website

The versatile design system gives you creative design ideas with 23+ templates and 700+ readymade blocks. What makes the Elementor addon unique is the Icon Library. Over 3000 high-quality icons are waiting for you in the Exclusive Icon Library.

Extenders Pack (Paid)

Extenders Pack is an advanced extenders addons for the Elementor page builder. It has 11 Extenders (Clips Animation, Colors Animation, Conditional Publish, Content Protection, Masker, Parallax, Particles, Preloader, Reading Progressbar, Transform Effect, and Water Ripples) with huge customization ability.

Extras For Elementor (Paid)

Extras For Elementor - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Complete your toolset with seriously useful widgets & extensions carefully crafted for Elementor, By building around what Elementor already offers, the Extras for Elementor add-on provides only new widgets and extensions that are as unique as they are useful.

Alongside the powerful add-ons widgets for Elementor, you can find extensions that change the way you create with Elementor and fit right into the current element controls.

Flexible Elementor Panel (Free+Paid)

Flexible Elementor Panel - Featured - Image - SyncWin

The plugin “Flexible Elementor Panel” makes the Elementor editor panel flexible, draggable, resizable, folding and more opportunities.

Formina (Paid)

Formina is an Elementor form addon. It has 7 form widgets (contact form, mailchimp form, instant search or live search or ajax search form, sign in or login form, sign up or register form with reCaptcha, lost password or password recovery form & native search form).

We provide 80+ responsive ready form templates or blocks (these will remain Elementor blocks section). That’s mean you don’t need to create the style of the Forms from the beginning.

Happy Addons (Free+Paid)

Happy Addons - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Happy Addons for Elementor page builder one of the best Elementor addons that comes with 87 Elementor free & pro Widgets and 16+ problem-solving Elementor features.

Bring Your Creative Web Designing Imaginations to life with Happy Elementor Addons – a complete package for every level of users. With its extraordinary features, now you can do stuff once possible only by professionals.

Hash Elements (Free)

Hash Elements is a free addon to supercharge the functionality of your Elementor page builder. It comes with 30+ elements to help you add different sections on your website. All these elements are highly customizable and contains separate settings. You can simply drag and drop any elements on the editor and start the customization to add them on your website.

Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration (Paid)

Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration plugin will significantly speed up the process of editing your renting property website, providing a more seamless editing experience for non-tech people.

Thanks to smooth plugins integration, you’ll be able to see all MotoPress Hotel Booking shortcodes and widgets (e.g. search availability form, rentals listing, etc.) in the list of the content modules in the Elementor builder. It will help you add all needed shortcodes and edit their parameters in a real time, via a more user-friendly Elementor interface.

HT Mega (Free+Paid)

HT Mega -Featured Image - SyncWin

HTMega is a absolute addons for elementor includes 80+ elements & 360 Blocks with unlimited variations. HT Mega brings limitless possibilities. Embellish your site with the elements of HT Mega.

JetBlocks (Paid)

JetBlocks - Featured - Image - SyncWin

JetBlocks has a set of highly functional widgets and they are perfect for enriching headers & footers with content you can add Add a hamburger menu, breadcrumbs, or a search form without ever needing to write a line of code sticky sections effect for elementor keep any section built with Elementor in view

JetElements (Paid)

JetElements - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Meet the basic must-have widgets for Elementor, use JetElements to create high-end designs faster and easier, With such a variety of widgets, you can add any content you want and it fits for both static and dynamic elements most of the widgets support dynamic fields from JetEngine.

JetSmartFilters (Paid)

JetSmartFilters - Featured - Image - SyncWin

JetSmartFilters has advanced filters for any post type, It is a toolkit that makes building complex filtering structures time- and cost-effective.

Customize all possible filter bar designs and settings for any website, mix and match 9 filter types to achieve any desired search hierarchy you want and you can also build and style filtering structures in both Elementor and Gutenberg.

JetSearch (Paid)

JetSearch - Featured - Image - SyncWin

JetSearch is the fastest AJAX search for Elementor, The search results are loading faster than ever with AJAX-based JetSearch widget, search within any custom post type, any taxonomy, default tags, and categories, make the most important results show up as the first ones when the visitors add search request.

JetSticky (Free)

JetSticky is the plugin which allows to make the sections and columns built with Elementor sticky, keeping them always within your sight when the page is scrolled up or down.

JetTricks (Paid)

JetTricks - Featured - Image - SyncWin

JetTricks can make your website animation on the fly without coding skills choose from a variety of effects to use empower your content with visual effects to highlight the most It is simple to add visual effects and adjust them according to your needs important information.

Livemesh Addons (Free+Paid)

Livemesh Addons - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Livemesh Addons for Elementor features a huge collection of premium, easy-to-use yet highly functional extensions that can be used in Elementor page builder.

This plugin comes with widgets for just about everything you need to build a professional website without switching to a premium theme – services, team profiles, counters, bar charts, piecharts, testimonials, clients list, portfolio/posts grid, posts carousels, pricing plan and much more in the PRO version

Magazinify (Paid)

Magazinify is the perfect and stylish news/magazine/blog/article addon for Elementor Page Builder to present your ideas online. You can easily create news blocks to your needs, that will engaging visitors and potential clients.

Master Addons (Free+Paid)

Master Addons - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Master Addons is a collection of Stunning and cutting-edged designed Elementor Addons Pack. Have you been looking for the perfect addons for Elementor that can help you make a creative-looking website?

Well, you don’t have to look too far. With Master Addons for Elementor, you get a wide range of elements that make your ordinary-looking website into something interactive, visually appealing, and a lot more reader-friendly.

Mighty Addons (Free+Paid)

Mighty Addons - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Mighty Addons is a collection of premium quality addons for the Elementor page builder. Addons are continually added and improved.

Move Addons (Free+Paid)

Move Addons - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Move Addons WP plugin for Elementor Page builder to ensure you a smooth experience with your growing WordPress website. ‘Move’ WP addon is a powerful tool that helps you to make almost every possible customization to your website without a single line of coding.

Multi Variation Custom Post (MVCP) - (Paid)

Multi Variation Custom Post (MVCP) is the ultimate solution for WordPress content. You can display the posts in multiple variations of any post type on your WordPress website. Like: Slider, Carousel, Gallery, Accordion, Tab, Masonry Grid, Box Grid, List Grid, etc.

You can create your own post type and taxonomy (like books, movies, events, etc.) by dragging & dropping, and display the posts with 12 built-in shortcodes in 48 designs.

OoohBoi Steroids (Free)

An awesome set of tools, options and settings that expand Elementor defaults. Instead of creating new Elementor Widgets, these act like an upgrade of existing options or the self-standing panels thing.

Polylang Connect (Free)

Connect the Polylang multilingual plugin with Elementor Page Builder: This plugin will make Elementor and Polylang show the correct language templates, especially with Elementor Pro Theme Builder. Plus: native Polylang Language Switcher Elementor widget, new Dynamic Tags, and Polylang links added to the Elementor Finder feature.

Postina (Paid)

Postina is an ultimate posts addon or element pack for the Elementor page builder. You can display the blog posts on the WordPress website the way you want.

It has 6 posts widgets (blog posts, posts carousel, posts gallery, posts load on scroll, posts tab and posts ticker) with huge customization ability. Also, it has Grid, List, Thumb and Custom layout options. We provide 100+ responsive ready blocks. That's mean you don't need to create the style of the posts from the beginning.

PowerPack Addons (Free+Paid)

PowerPack Addons - Featured Image - SyncWin

Extend Elementor with 60+ Creative Elementor Widgets and extensions with PowerPack Elementor addons – The fastest-growing Elementor addon. Get 30+ Free Elementor widgets with PowerPack Lite. These Elementor widgets are designed with a focus on creativity and usability.

Premium Addons (Free+Paid)

Premium Addons - Featured Image - SyncWin

Super charge your Elementor Page Builder with 55+ highly customizable Elementor essential addons and widgets, 300+ premade Elementor templates that will give you the ability to build sophisticated websites in less time with no coding required. Both Elementor and Premium Addons plugins take your WordPress website to the next level.

Prime Slider (Free+Paid)

Prime Slider - Featured Image - SyncWin

Prime slider is a dynamic ready to use slider that comes with next-generation designs. Everything is done by us, you have to just replace the media files and the content.

Qi Addons (Free)

Qi Addons - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Qi Addons for Elementor is a completely FREE, comprehensive library of 60 custom and fully flexible Elementor widgets developed by one of bestselling premium WordPress theme authors, the award-winning Qode Interactive.

It provides you with a free, simple, and streamlined way to create your captivating new website with the Elementor Page Builder the way you envisioned it.

Recruitly (Free+Paid)

Recruitly WordPress plugin establishes a 360-degree integration with your Recruitly cloud account and turns your website into a fully-featured job-board within a matter of minutes. Includes dynamic short-codes, allowing you to easily build a unique job board that fits your business requirements.

Starter Templates (Free+Paid)

Starter Templates - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Create professionally designed pixel-perfect websites in minutes with the Starter Templates plugin. This plugin gives you access to 280+ pre-made full website templates and individual pages for your favorite page builder such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and the WordPress default editor Gutenberg.

Searchina (Paid)

Searchina is an advanced Search and Filter plugin or addon for Elementor page builder of WordPress. You can display a search form (Searchina) on any page or post of your WordPress website. So that users can searching and filtering any content of your website. Like: Posts, Pages, Products, Movies, Songs, Books, etc.

Stratum (Free+Paid)

Stratum - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Stratum is a collection of high-quality addons for Elementor. The page building experience in WordPress is constantly evolving, so with the brand-new Stratum plugin, we made a fresh, special focus on a minimal design approach, performance-first widgets and primarily dedicated Elementor addons.

Sina Extension (Free+Paid)

It will extend the Elementor and increase the web page building experience. It has 38 useful & high-quality widgets or addons and 2 creative extenders. Which you may use for easy & fast make the page & display your content far better way.

The Plus Addons (Free+Paid)

The Plus Addons - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Time to give a pause to your Elementor Addons Hunt. Introducing The Plus Addons for Elementor with more than 100+ dynamic widgets, 300+ UI blocks & 18+ ready-to-use templates with the most advanced functionalities including Blog builder, Woo Builder, Mega Menu & much more to supercharge your Elementor.

ToolKit (Paid)

ToolKit - Featured - Image - SyncWin

As Elementor users ourselves, we’ve built in a wide range of performance tweaks and admin tools designed specifically for Elementor. With each Elementor update, ToolKit adapts along with it in order to deliver the best experience and results possible.

Unlimited Elements (Free+Paid)

Unlimited Elements - Featured - Image - SyncWin

Take your Elementor page-building experience to the next level with Unlimited Elements for Elementor. This is the last widget pack you will need. Find everything in one place and get more than +100 free widgets for your Elementor website. All our elements are easy to use and built with our unique Widget Creator framework.

WidgetKit (Free+Paid)

WidgetKit - Featured - Image - SyncWin

WidgetKit is the ultimate solution to a fast, interactive, and scalable design system. It comes with a collection of powerful elements that allows you to build any simple to complex layouts instantly.

The most advanced & powerful Elementor Addons Kit that enhances your website building capabilities by adding more elements and layouts.

WooLentor (Free+Paid)

WooLentor - Featured - Image - SyncWin

WooLentor is a WooCommerce Addons for Elementor Page Builder. WooCommerce Builder is included in this plugin to build a custom product page and archive page.

42 product layouts, awesome style options. It can show the latest products, Best Selling Products, On Sale Products, Featured products, Category products. This plugin has the option to add unlimited background colors and images to make your product slider/Tab more professional.

WunderWP (Free)

Save and reuse your Elementor styles or templates in the WunderWP Cloud or use readymade styles to quickly beautify your Elementor pages. All for free!.


In this post I have put together all the add-ons I know about Elementor and I will keep adding more add-ons to this list as soon as I get to know about them.

To be very honest we never needed an add-on while building websites using Elementor as I found the Pro version more than enough for my needs to complete our projects though they were just simple business websites.

Elementor Pro Product Page:

However, your requirements could be completely different than ours therefore you can find the add-ons of your needs from the above-listed Elementor add-ons.

Consider checking our other post about WordPress Website Builders Comparison:

If you found this post helpful which I believe you do, then consider sharing it with your community of other Elementor users to help them out and make their lives a little easier.

Thank you for visiting our website

My name is Ishan, I am a Student, Digital Marketing Enthusiast, Social Media Manager, and Content Creator at SyncWin. I am very passionate about Social Media Marketing as well as Content Marketing so I always keep learning new things about these topics and whatever I learn I try to implement it for my Personal Brand and SyncWin Ecosystem.

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Kevin David
Kevin David
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Thanks you very much for featuring Droit Addons for Elementor

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